Migraine Relief through Ayurveda

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Migraine is a health condition in which the individual experiences extreme pain in the head. The situation is not as light as a normal headache. It can happen to an individual of any age group. Hence one should not take it lightly. It results in the form of extreme pain in the head which might affect the routine of an individual and the person might not be able to give his best in the professional and personal life. Migraine can also be a hereditary issue. Many people have to suffer from a migraine because the issue runs in the family. 

Causes of Migraine

Let us have a look at the queue of various other issues which might be the cause of a migraine:

  1. Stress

Stress is accounted for as one of the major and prominent reasons for migraines. Stress keeps the mind of an individual involved in a situation continuously. Hence the individual is not able to concentrate on other things along with his personal life. Hence at times, it affects negatively on an individual’s personal life too. Stress is also an enormous invitation to various other mental issues. Hence the process of continuous thinking can lead to a chronic headache resulting in a migraine. 

  1. Depression

Depression is another elevated level of stress. It is a condition when a sudden unfortunate incident makes the individual feel low and depressed about it all the time. The person is continuously engrossed in the same event and is not able to pay attention to various other things. It also affects the productivity of the person. The time to cope up with the situation varies from person to person. Hence one should not underestimate the mental situation of such people and always try to support them towards positivity. Depression too involves a continuous thinking process hence it is also one of the main reasons for a migraine. 

  1. Health Issues

Health issues like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, and high cholesterol are some of the health issues that might frighten a person but soon the individual adapts to live with such health problems and its medications. But major health problems like IBS, cancer, and various similar problems might not keep a person’s mind sound and allow them to have a peaceful mind. Hence keep worrying about health can also be a reason for migraines. 

  1. Sleeping Disorders

Sleep disorder is an issue faced by many people. It is especially felt by people who have tremendous pressure of work and are always worried about it. Even females who work and have to handle the house as well as face sleeping disorders too. When the person is not able to have a sound and peaceful sleep then it might result in irritability and a headache. This headache might also slowly and gradually turn into a migraine. Therefore, such symptoms should not be ignored and must be treated quickly. 

  1. Medications

Sometimes few medicines might not prove suitable for a person. Hence, they result in various health issues like a skin breakout, loose stools, headache, or even mental issues. Therefore, when the medicines are not suitable for the body they should be immediately replaced. These medicines might also bring about hormonal imbalance hence it bangs the head with pain. This headache sooner turns into migraines which is an additional health issue for an affected person. 

Ayurvedic Migraine Relief

It is not necessary that migraines can be cured with the help of medications only. It can also be treated by natural ingredients and homemade remedies. Let us have a look at a few of the homemade remedies:

  1. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is one of the beneficial and natural remedies to cure migraines. It helps to calm and soothe the nerves of the brain and help to keep a headache at a bay. Hence people who often suffer from migraines should have ginger tea at least once in a day. If one can switch their regular tea with a cup of ginger tea then not only it proves beneficial to cure migraine but is also advantageous for a healthy body. One can also add a few drops of lemon juice and honey in the tea for an alluring taste and healthy body.      

  1. Essential Oils

Certain smells might irritate a person due to its strong and irritating presence, but on the other hand, few mild and calming smells can help one to reduce pain in the head and care migraine. Smelling essential oils like lavender oil and rosemary oil can act as a sedative and calm the triggered nerves of the brain. This also helps to lower the stress and depression which are one of the major reasons for migraines. One can inhale essential oils by dripping a few drops of it on the pillow before dozing off or one can also add a few drops of it in hot water and inhale the fragrant steam. 

  1. Sesame Oil

Ayurveda says that a dry body is one of the biggest reasons for migraines. Hence keeping the body nourished and hydrated should be a must to lower the symptoms. Sesame oil can help one to keep the nasal tract hydrated. Nasal nerves are said to have a direct connection with the brain. Hence keeping them hydrated helps to get relieved of major mental issues. One can drip a few drops of sesame oil in the nasal tract and relax the body. This helps to keep the nasal path hydrated and cure migraine naturally. 

  1. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a natural sleep-inducing ingredient. Hence consuming nutmeg helps one to relax the mind and get rid of stress instantly. One can consume nutmeg in various ways. Adding nutmeg powder in a glass of warm milk and having it before sleeping works wonders for healthy and sound sleep. For instant relief from migraines, one can apply a paste of nutmeg by adding a few drops on the water in nutmeg paste and applying it on the forehead. It instantly helps to lower the headache and also get relieved from migraine at a quicker pace. 

  1. Massage

Massaging head, shoulders, and back also helps to relax the body and calm down the mind. Hence massage is also one of the healthy options to cure a headache and migraine. One can take the help of a masseuse to massage the whole body or one can also massage oneself with the help of a sesame or mustard oil for healing benefits. 


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