Pippali- Benefits, and Uses

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Ayurveda always surprises humankind with its tremendous herbs and ingredients. These herbs and ingredients are useful for living beings in various ways. Each herb has its beneficial properties and can replace the medicines available in the market. Another benefit of using herbal products and herbs is they are safe for the body and one doesn't need to worry about side-effects.

One such healthy and valuable ingredient is 'Pippali'. Pippali is also known as Indian Long Pepper. The ingredient is healthy and beneficial for the human body in various ways. It is long and black in appearance. The simple herb is healthy and efficient enough to cure all forms of stomach issues and kidney and liver issues too. This ancient herb is highly used as a replacement to cure stomach ailments and is mostly found in Indian kitchens as a quick fix too.

Let us have a look at some of the common health issues that can disturb the routine life of an individual:

  1. Constipation

Junk food, unhealthy food habits, and unhealthy lifestyle are all causes of constipation. Sometimes it can be genetic too. People who suffer from constipation are not able to enjoy all forms of food as it immediately jams the stomach and the waste is not eliminated from the body. Hence constipation is one of the most discomforting issues.

  1. Acidity

Acidity is also one of the common and highly observed stomach related issues. It happens due to the acid reflux in the stomach and imbalance of the acids. Acidity results in continuous burping and a continuous fiery sensation in the throat. If the condition worsens then it might also result in hyper-acidity. Acidity is also caused due to consumption of unhealthy food and irregular food habits.

  1. Indigestion

Indigestion is another health and digestive issue. Indigestion might also end up in vomiting and continuous excretion. Sometimes people overeat or are not able to digest some of the harsh elements of the food. Hence it might result in indigestion. This weakens the individual and the person feels sick and low on energy. Indigestion might also lower the appetite of the person and one might not feel to eat much.

  1. Toothache

Toothache is another one in the list of common ailments. It can happen due to improper oral care routine, food stuck in the teeth, and many other reasons. Toothache is one of the miserable problems and proves to be a huge disturbance. The affected person is not able to eat comfortably or even have a few moments to rest. Hence toothache should be immediately cured and not be over-looked.

  1. Headache

A highly observed and an ailment irrelevant of age group is a headache. It can happen due to stress, health problem, or a hectic routine. Hence along with a professional routine one should also maintain peace of mind. Headache can also be caused due to over-thinking. High screen time these days is the major cause of a headache. Therefore, instead of popping a pill always to cure the headache is not the solution. One should also look out for healthy alternatives and try yoga and meditation.

Uses and Benefits of Pippali

  1. Lowers Weight

Pippali is one of the best ingredients to lose weight. It helps to ignite the digestive fire in the body and helps in healthy digestion. It blocks indigestion and doesn't allow the food to form a layer of fat around the belly. Hence the individual can lose that extra belly fat and cut the extra inches from the waistline. Pippali also helps to increase metabolism which is one of the basic and vital requirements to lose weight. To lose weight one can consume Pippali in various ways such as in the form of capsules, powder, Pippali infused tonic or syrup, and even Pippali churna.

  1. Heals Respiratory Problems

Pippali is also healthy to cure respiratory issues. It helps the lungs to acquire more oxygen and breathe comfortably. Respiratory issues sometimes are highly observed in aged people. Hence Pippali is an Ayurvedic and safe option to be given to aged people. It helps to cleanse the toxins from the body and make it feel lighter and healthier. Therefore, people suffering from any kind of respiratory issues can consume Pippali in the form of churna, tablets, or powder.

  1. Strengthens Bones

Pippali is also a natural bone-strengthener. It helps to heal the bone marrow and strengthen the bones. Hence people suffering from issues like arthritis, rheumatism, bone fractures, or any similar problems can use Pippali to lower the pain experienced under such conditions. Hence it is also a healthy ingredient for children to be given to strengthening their bones in their young ages. But it should only be given after the doctor's advice. One can also have a look at the mentioned section to know more helpful benefits for bones:


  1. Purifies Blood

Healthy blood circulation is important to avoid tremendous health problems. An obstructed blood circulation leads to skin problems, liver and kidney issues, and many problems. Hence blood purification is an important procedure. Pippali helps to purify the blood and also avoid numbness of the body parts. Therefore, it is one of the healthy and Ayurvedic ingredients to cleanse the blood and purify the impure blood.

  1. Cures Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Pippali also helps to cure PMS. The herb is healthy to cure heavy menstrual flow and avoid menstrual pain. The herb is also healthy to cure the mood swings faced during PMS. It also helps to heal irritability and fatigue caused due to PMS.  


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