Rajasthan Herbals Dhumari Churna- Price, Dosage, Benefits, and Reviews

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Our lifestyle is one of the important aspects to mold our health. Good habits like consumption of healthy food, exercise, staying at a bay from harmful activities like smoking, drinking, consumption of nicotine helps to get a healthy and physically fit body. If the individual smokes consume nicotine and eat junk food regularly then the body immediately reacts to such activities in the form of obesity and cardiovascular issues.

Hence for a safe and healthy heart, one should have a clean and green lifestyle. One can also read our blog 7 Alarming signs given by our Body to know some of the best tips and tricks to manage health issues. Smoking and consumption of nicotine are some of the worst habits for human health. It damages the oral health of the individual and is also a major reason for heart issues. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a healthy lifestyle and strictly avoid consumption of nicotine.

What is Dhumari Churna?

Dhumari Churna is a product from Rajasthan Herbals. It helps in de-addiction from nicotine products like cigarettes, gutka, and tobacco. The herbal ingredients of the product though might be mild but are effective as well. The herbs will serve the purpose and help one in de-addiction from smoking. The product is also healthy to get rid of the habit of chewing gutka too.

Consumption of nicotine leads to the accumulation of tar in the lungs. This leads to issues like difficulty in breathing and lung cancer. Hence it is better to understand the harmful side-effects of nicotine and quit the harmful habit as early as possible. Chewing of gutka leads to the blackening of teeth and other oral problems. Hence try Dhumari Churna for positive and effective results.

When can Dhumari Churna be consumed?

People who wish to get some aid in de-addiction from smoking and consumption of nicotine can use Dhumari Churna. It helps to lower the urge to smoke. It also helps to cut down on chewing tobacco and gutka. Dhumari Churna also helps to lower the side-effects caused due to nicotine and make the lungs healthier. Hence people who are looking for a safer yet effective option can consume Dhumari Churna. The herbal powder can be consumed easily and is an effective option to choose from. Dhumari Churna heals the hardened arteries due to smoking and allows one to breathe easily. The product also helps to cleanse the toxins accumulated in the body due to nicotine and other harmful substances.

Ingredients of Dhumari Churna

  • Triphala- Triphala is a mixture of herbs like Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. It helps to get rid of addiction like smoking and consuming alcohol. It also helps to get rid of all forms of oral and dental problems. To know more benefits about Triphala give a read to our blog Benefits of Triphala 
  • Black Pepper- Black Pepper is one of the best natural digestives. It is also a healthy ingredient to aid de-addiction from smoking and chewing tobacco and get rid of its harmful effects too. Black pepper also helps to increase metabolism for a healthy body.
  • Vidarikand- Vidarikand helps to get rid of gastric issues. The ingredient is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory too. It also helps to lower the urge to smoke and chew gutka.
  • Jyotishmati- Jyotishmati has anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful for arthritic patients. It also helps to cure digestion issues and lower the harm caused due to nicotine.

Dosage of Dhumari Churna

  • The product is available in pouches hence it is easy to use the product.
  • One can simply mix one pouch of Dhumari Churna in any meal and consume it.

Side-effects of Dhumari Churna

Being made from herbs and natural ingredients there are no side-effects of the product.

Precautions to be taken

It is advised to keep the product out of children's reach.

FAQ's about Dhumari Churna

  1. Is the product effective?

Dhumari Churna is made from ingredients like Triphala and Vidarikand hence it is herbal and effective too. the product helps to lower the urge to smoke and chew tobacco. 

  1. Who can use Dhumari Churna?

People who wish to quit smoking, chewing tobacco, and consuming other nicotine products can use Dhumari Churna. The product helps to lower the urge and get rid of the awful habit soon.

  1. When can one expect positive results?

The product works within a time frame of 3 to 4 months.

Where can we buy Dhumari Churna?

One can click here Rajasthan Herbals Dhumari Churna to buy the product. 


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