Rajasthan Herbals Kalpavat Churna- Price, Dosage, Benefits, and Reviews

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Today's stressful and hectic lifestyle has made many people incline towards addictive toxic substances like alcohol and cigarettes. Though these substances make one feel good and dizzy for a small period they are extremely harmful to health. There are people too who are not satiated by the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol then they step up for something more, drugs!!!

Drugs are substances that highly damage the human body. Its consumption makes one feel in a different world. It immediately makes one dizzy which makes a human feel light and unaware of the situation around. There are such toxic drugs too whose consumption can make one sleep for more than 48 hours. These harmful components are banned in many countries but still are consumed illegally by many people to satisfy their addiction. One should stay away from any kind of addiction and try various other things to de-stress and de-clutter the mind. One can also have a glance at our section Ayurvedic Medicines for Addictions for some herbal options. 

Side-effects of Drugs

Let us have a glance at some of the damages caused by the consumption of drugs to our physical and mental health:

  • Damages the immunity system seriously. Hence the human body can be easily attacked by diseases and bacteria.
  • Affects the mental health and ceases the power to think and concentrate.
  • Impurify the blood running in the veins.
  • Increases the risk of heart attack and cancer.
  • Loss of appetite.

What is Kalpavat Churna?

Kalpavat Churna is an ayurvedic powder that helps in the de-addiction of drugs. It helps a human to naturally get rid of this harmful and toxic addiction. Many rehabilitation centers help people to get rid of drugs. But after some time few people tend to consume drugs again. Hence consumption of Kalpavat Churna ensures to gradually get one de-addicted of the toxic habit.

The herbal ingredients of the product help to slowly lower the urge to consume drugs. Day by day one can experience the difference and experience a lowered urge to consume the toxic substances. Kalpavat Churna is also healthy and useful for the de-addiction of cigarettes and alcohol.

When can Kalpavat Churna be used?

Kalpavat Churna is perfect for people who are addicted to the consumption of toxic components like drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. It helps in the de-addicted of such harmful habits. The product also helps to avoid the harmful consequences faced by the consumption of drugs. It helps to strengthen immunity and keep the body protected from harmful and dangerous diseases.

Kalpavat Churna is also a healthy product for people addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. It helps to lower the urge to smoke and drink. Hence one immediately observes various forms of positive changes in the body like strong and healthy immunity, improved focus and concentration, smooth functioning of the entire internal system, and many more health facts.

Benefits of Kalpavat Churna

Let us have a glance at the benefits experienced after consumption of Kalpavat Churna:

  • Improved immunity.
  • Lower risks of hazardous diseases like heart attacks, cardiac arrests, and cancer.
  • Lowered urge to consume drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.
  • Smooth functioning of the digestive system.
  • Improved focus and concentration.

Ingredients of Kalpavat Churna

  • Dried Bitter Gourd- Bitter Gourd is a healthy and natural ingredient helpful for de-addiction. It also helps to treat issues like diabetes, obesity, and cholesterol.
  • Bhringraj- Bhringraj is a well-known herb to cure all forms of hair issues. It is also a healthy and natural aphrodisiac. Bhringraj also aids the process of de-addiction and is healthy for the immunity too. One can also click here Bhringraj Powder to give a buy to healthy and natural Bhringraj powder.
  • Yastimadhu- Yastimadhu has various beneficial properties too. The herb is healthy for the body along with being beneficial for the hair and skin too. Hence consumption of Yastimadhu in daily routine is beneficial for the overall body. It also aids de-addiction.

Dosage of Kalpavat Churna

  • The product is available in pouches for easy guidance about the consumption of the product.
  • It is advised to mix a pouch of Kalpavat Churna in any food consumed.
  • One can also consult a doctor for better guidance about the dosage of the product.

Side-effects of Kalpavat Churna

Being a herbal product no side-effects of Kalpavat Churna have been recorded yet.

Precautions to be taken

  • The product is completely herbal hence no such harsh guidelines are mentioned on the product before its consumption.
  • The brand also ensures a healthy output in other forms of health issues.

FAQ's about Kalpavat Churna

  1. Is the product effective?

The herbal powder is made from herbal ingredients like Yastimadhu and Bitter Gourd. Hence the product is mild yet effective.

  1. When can one expect positive results?

The pack is a 15 days course pack. Hence one can observe positive results within a week or 10 days.

  1. How can Kalpavat Churna be consumed?

The product is available in pouches and can be easily fed to the addicted person by mixing it with the individual's meal.     

Where can we purchase the product?

One can click here Rajasthan Herbals Kalpavat Churna to buy the product.   


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