Rajasthan Herbals Namira Weight Gain Churan- Price, Dosage, Benefits, and Reviews

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To reduce weight is not the only issue or problem for a human. There are times when being underweight is a fact to worry about too. the underweight people are conscious too about their weight. Due to their lean and skinny appearance, they dread to step out among people and try to avoid those taunting comments. Underweight people are worried about their body structure and do not find themselves appealing at times. Hence such people try to avoid socializing at times too.

Stuffing food without a proper schedule or without having a look at the nourishment level of the food is not the way to gain weight. Such tactics just increase the belly and weight size. It also increases triglyceride levels and unhealthy fat in the body. Hence a proper planned diet and an equal amount of exercise are important to gain weight. Exercise is not just a form to lose weight but it helps to increase weight and gain weight healthily. One can also have a look at the weight gain Ayurvedic and herbal medicines.

What is Namira Weight Gain Churan?

Rajasthan Herbal's Namira Weight Gain Churan is a healthy and Ayurvedic product. The churan helps to increase the weight of an individual naturally. It avoids an increase in belly fat but helps to increase the overall weight of the body. Hence it can be abbreviated that the product helps to gain weight healthily. The product helps to increase appetite which makes one feel the urge to eat. One should avoid eating junk and unhealthy food. On the contrary, one should eat healthy homemade food which helps in delivering positive and effective results.

One should try to include high-fat food items like butter, ghee, and various other seasonal fruit and vegetables. Pulses and grains should also be included in the diet. Rice is the best way to serve the purpose. Namira Weight Gain Churan helps to absorb the nutrition from the food consumed and supply it appropriately to the whole body.

When can Namira Weight Gain Churan be consumed?

Namira Weight Gain Churan is a healthy and Ayurvedic product to gain weight. Hence underweight, lean, and skinny people can consume it. The product is herbal and made from natural ingredients hence there are no side-effects of it too. it helps to increase the appetite and increase weight healthily. One should also follow a disciplined diet and exercise pattern to observe positive and effective results.

People who think are skinny and do not have a proper and proportionate weight or a body structure can consume Namira Weight Gain Churan. It helps to give the body that desired and appropriate structure. The product helps to absorb the nutrition easily by the body from the food we eat. Hence one should have a keen look over the diet too.

Ingredients of Namira Weight Gain Churan

  1. Shatavari- a healthy herb to boost immunity. The ingredient is full of anti-oxidants too. The herb is healthy to gain as well as reduce weight. It also helps to get relief from cold and cough. The herb treats diarrhea too.
  2. Almond- healthy in anti-oxidants this dry fruit is full of natural and healthy oils.
  3. Jeevanti- helpful to treat cold and cough. Helps the body to absorb nourishment from the food. Healthy and helpful to cure mouth ulcers too. aids lactating women to increase milk.
  4. Coconut- full of anti-oxidants. Helpful to boost immunity naturally. Full of healthy fats and oils to nourish the body and help in healthy weight gain.

Dosage of Namira Weight Gain Churan

  • Namira Weight Gain Churan is equally divided into pouches for convenient dosage distribution. Hence it is easy for the individual to consume the product.
  • It is advised to consume one pouch of Namira Weight Gain Churan in the morning after having breakfast and one pouch in the evening after dinner with plain water.

Side-effects of Namira Weight Gain Churan

Being a herbal and Ayurvedic product no side-effects of Namira Weight Gain Churan have been recorded yet.

Precautions to be taken

It is advised to consult a doctor for proper dosage and proper knowledge of the product.

FAQ's about Namira Weight Gain Churan

  1. Is the product safe to use?

Namira Weight Gain Churan is made from various herbs and other Ayurvedic ingredients. Hence the product is completely safe to use. The company also claims the product safe to be used to cure other related ailments too.

  1. How effective is Namira Weight Gain Churan?

The brand states that if the product is consumed according to the prescribed dosage and a proper and healthy diet is followed then one might experience an increase of 3 to 4 kgs in a month. The weight increases healthily and not just reflects in the form of belly gain and increase in the waistline.

  1. Who can use Namira Weight Gain Churan?

People who feel underconfident due to being underweight can consume Namira Weight Gain Churan. It is also helpful for lean and skinny people and also for the people who are not able to gain weight for a long time.

Where can we buy the product?

The product can be purchased from:



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