Rajasthan Herbals Surari Churna- Price, Dosage, Benefits, and Reviews

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Stress is overtaking a hold of the lives of people these days. Hence many people are inclined towards the addiction of alcohol and other toxic substances these days. Alcohol and alcoholism are not good for the health and end up resulting in bad effects for the body. The individual is ruined physically as well as mentally. The person is not able to think or focus properly. Learning abilities vanish, and many more mental disabilities are observed. Hence one should not consume alcohol to get rid of stress and make it an everyday excuse. There are many other healthy ways to get rid of stress. Have a look at our blog Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Depression to know some herbal and safe remedies to cure the ailment.

What is Rajasthan Herbals Surari Churna?

Rajasthan Herbals Surari Churna is an Ayurvedic and herbal churna to get rid of alcohol addiction. It helps one to get rid of chronic alcoholism naturally without any harsh side-effects on the body. The churna is made from herbs and other natural ingredients hence it is completely safe to use. It also helps one to curb the addiction to consuming alcohol. It helps to heal the body internally from the damages caused due to alcohol addiction.

Being a herbal product there is no harm in consuming it and has positive results as well. One can observe effective and positive results if the product is consumed according to the prescribed dosage.

When can Surari Churna be consumed?

Surari Churna is helpful for people who are not able to get over their alcohol addiction. It is helpful for the people who are continuously on an alcohol spree and are not able to stay cautious. People who are not able to function without alcohol and need it most of the time should also consume Surari Churna. It helps them to lower the urge to consume alcohol and then after a few months one completely gives up drinking.

People who are addicted to other toxic substances like drugs and various other things can also consume Surari Churna for positive and effective results. Such people can also expect positive results if the churna is taken according to the recommended dosage. One should also maintain a healthy diet and a healthy routine for quicker results.

Ingredients of Surari Churna

  • Vidarikand- it helps to get rid of alcohol addiction. The herb is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Vidarikand helps to cure stomach infection and heal other stomach-related issues too. it also helps to reduce the inflammation of the body too.
  • Jyotishmati- the herb is full of antioxidants. It also helps to heal the wound and cure cuts and wounds. The ingredient can also be termed as anti-arthritic.
  • Haritaki- one of the Triphala ingredients the herb is healthy to cure issues like obesity, diabetes, skin and hair issues, and many such things. It also helps to curb alcohol addiction.
  • Amalaki- it helps to lower blood cholesterol, lower digestion issues, and lower obesity. It also helps to lower joint pains.
  • Bibhitaki- helpful to lower stress and anxiety levels. It also helps to cure various types of ulcers. The herb also helps to heal wounds and promote liver health.

Dosage of Surari Churna

Surari Churna is available in sachets. It is advised to consume one pouch of Surari Churna daily after meals.

Side-effects of Surari Churna

Being a herbal product there are no side-effects of Surari Churna. The product is completely healthy and safe to use.

Precautions to be taken

  • The product is herbal and can be easily used for alcohol de-addiction or any other form of addiction too.
  • One might experience a bit of sweat which is an indication of the detoxification process of the body.

FAQ's about Surari Churna

  1. Is the product safe to use?

The product is herbal and is made from beneficial ingredients like Triphala, Jyotishmasi, and many such natural ingredients. Hence it is completely healthy and safe to use.

  1. How do Surari Churna works?

It slowly and gradually helps to lower the urge to consume alcohol. It also helps in the detoxification process of the body which can be seen in the form of excessive sweating.

  1. When can one expect effective results of Surari Churna?

If one religiously follows the recommended dosage of the product then one can expect positive and effective results within a month.

Where can we buy the product?

Click here Rajasthan Herbals Surari Churna to buy the product.


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