Sesame Seed Oil - Uses, Benefits and Caution

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Sesame is an oldest know oil crop seed. Mostly found and cultivated in sub Sahara part of Africa and parts of India. Seeds are used to extract oil after ripening using various pressing techniques or floating hot water technique. As the oil has significantly high smoke point, sesame oil is ideal for cooking. The oil is widely used in Indian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines.

Sesame oil has not one but many benefits that makes it a king of oil.. as we fondly say in India. One can consume the oil orally as well as externally. 

Skin Care: Sesame oil is full of anti oxidants and vitamins like A and E which are very helpful in improving skin health. Seasome oil when applied on  skin attracts toxins and other oil soluble bacteria from skin and stop them from penetrating. Anti - inflammatory avoid skin abrasion and spreading of bacterial infections. Vitamin E provide natural radiance to the skin. The oil is equally good for teens and baby skins.

Hair Care: Pre-mature graying of hair and thinning are common problems of today's life style. regular use of sesame oil improves hair texture and scalp conditions. It penetrates through scalp and provide fat nutrients to skin tissues. 

Inflammation: Sesame oil contains high levels of copper which has natural anti - inflammatory properties. On regular oil massage, it soothe joint pain, improves muscle movements and situations like spondylitis and arthritis. 

Heart Care: Regular use of sesame seed lower blood pressure. Oil contains fatty acid like omega fatty acid 6 which improves good cholesterol level. 

Dental Care: Sesame oil is a highly recommended oil for oral and dental care. As the density of oil is less it can absorb oil soluble toxins from the teeth and cavities. The process of using sesame oil for oral cleaning is also called 'Oil Pulling'. Take a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swish it around the tongue and teeth. Do not swallow it. In couple of minutes of swishing the oil will start mixing toxins and certain bacteria like streptococcus along with it. The oil will become thin and yellow in color. Continue for another 2 - 3 minutes and spit it out. This is a powerful method for keeping teeth shiner, reduce dental plaque, bad breath, inflammation and protection against acute sensations.

Bone care: Sesame seed is full of important minerals like copper, zinc and calcium. These minerals are active ingredients of a bone structure. Adding sesame oil in your diet
means adding these high level nutrients than will ensure strength and flexibility of bones.

Mood Enhancer: Tysorine is a amino acid that works as a mood uplifter and help in fighting anxiety and mild depression. Head massage or  body massage by sesame oil will make one feel light and hearty.

Caution #1 - Anti Coagulator: Sesame oil dilute blood and lower blood pressure. It is not advisable to use this oil for heart condition if you are already on anti -coagulator medicines. it can be dangerous. Seek doctors advice in such case.

Caution #2 - Depression: As mentioned above sesame oil contains Tysorine which work as mood enhancer however, if you are already on medication for depression do take medical advice before adding sesame oil to your diet.

 Though all benefits of this oil are time tested and approved world wide but still individual reacts differently in some medical cases. It is advisable to seek advice for any acute condition.




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