Shallaki Herb - Learn How to Use, Dosage & its Amzaing Benefits

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Whether one likes it or not, the fact remains that physical and mental ailments can attack a person at any point in time. Medical science in modern times has made rapid advancement and every day new medications and drugs are hitting the market. Many medicines that were looked upon with high regards by the scientists and physicians have either become obsolete or have taken a back seat. However, the case of Ayurveda is different. It has medicines and treatment for all types of diseases and medications and supplements in the ancient medical science that emerged in India are based on the use of herbs and herbal products. They have neither taken a back seat nor have turned obsolete and in most cases proved better in comparison to their allopathic and homeopathic counterparts. One such widely used herb in preparing ayurvedic medications and supplements is the Shallaki herb. It would be good learning about Shallaki herb - how to use, dosage & benefits derived by its use.

 Amazing benefits of Shallaki

What is Shallaki Herb?

Botanically known as Boswellia Serrata, Shallaki herb is basically a tropical plant. The plant belongs to the Burseraceae genus. The shrub-like plant is moderate sized flowering plant and comes in the category of plants as well as shrubs. One of the features of the herb is that it produces highly fragrant resins. These resins are used to manufacture frankincense. At the same time, it is widely used in the preparation of various ayurvedic medicines, especially for joint care. It is necessary for people looking to enjoy the benefits of the herb needs to learn about Shallaki herb - how to use, dosage & benefits it renders.

Shallaki Herb -Nutritional Value

Shallaki herb is rich in nutritional values and contains many ingredients that have high nutritional features. Some of the important ingredients are –

  1. Shallaki herb is rich in alkaloids;
  2. It has high phytochemical contents;
  3. The herb contains beta boswellic acid as the main component; and
  4. It contains pentacyclic triterpene acids that help in the  treatment of various anatomic disorders.

Best Benefits of Shallaki Herb

Shallaki herb renders numerous health benefits for the consumers. Some of the major benefits of the herb are as follows –

  1. With its excellent anti-inflammatory properties, the herb and powder made using it is excellent for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Ayurvedic supplements prepared using the herb prevents swelling of joints and also the breakdown of the cartilage.
  2. Shallaki can interfere with autoimmune system in the body. Hence it has proved very effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. Since Shallaki has anti-inflammatory properties it helps address inflammatory bowel disorders. It has also proved useful in the treatment of gastronomical tract related problems like the ulcerative colitis as well as Crohn’s disease.
  4. Boswellia has the capability of enhancing the natural healing system in anatomy. It is effective in the natural healing of both external as well as internal wounds.
  5. Use of Shallaki reduces leukotrienes that causes the contraction of bronchial muscles and asthma. The herb is also beneficial in the treatment of other bronchial disorders such as coughing.
  6. Since the use of Shallaki herb in powder and supplement form promotes normal as well as comfortable menstruation it has proved beneficial for female reproductive health. The reason is that it prevents congestion of uterus and improves blood circulation in the organs.
  7. As the use of products made with Shallaki herb prevents damage or destruction of connective tissues, it is very useful in the maintenance of skin health and works as an anti-wrinkle product.
  8. It can substantially enhance sexual powers and enjoyments and sensation of pleasure during sexual activities.
  9. Perhaps the greatest benefit extended by the use of Shallaki herb is that it inhibits the growth of cancer. It has proved especially beneficial in combating breast cancer and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Shallaki Herb Uses

In the process of knowing about Shallaki herb - how to use, dosage & benefits the next step is learning about the use of the herb. The herb is extensively used as ayurvedic medication in countries with warm climates such as India and Africa. Manufacturers of ayurvedic medicines and supplements provide them in the form of pills, capsule, and powder. These components are most useful in case of joint problems and stress management. However, it is most important using the drugs or supplements prepared with Shallaki herb properly because improper use can give rise to adverse effects or allergic problems. It can stimulate the blood flow in the uterus as well as the pelvic region and due to improper use, it can adversely affect menstrual circles and can even lead to miscarriage for expectant mothers. Other side effects due to improper use can be vomiting, nausea, rashes, diarrhea, and acid reflux. Also, the users should avoid taking Shallaki herb-based products with other analgesic medications so as to avoid adverse impacts on their health.

Shallaki Herb Product Doses

Normal dose in case of powder made out of Shallaki herb is around 3 gms once or twice a day. For pills and other forms, the dose should be as prescribed by the physician.

Shallaki Herb Harvesting

Shallaki herb or Boswellia Serrata is commonly available in India and some of the places in Pakistan. There are some species that are found in Africa. Predominantly a tropical plant, most of the species are found in Africa and India. However, the herb is presently cultivated in many other regions of the word that have a tropical climate.

Bone health maintenance is one of the daunting tasks for most people when it comes to maintaining the same in a natural manner. use of drugs and medications containing harmful and synthetic components may help but can also bring up unwarranted side effects. For such people, ayurvedic medicines in the form of pills and powders provide an excellent way of ensuring bone health and protection from joint problems. Also, despite being so useful in the maintenance of bone health the ayurvedic product is much less expensive in comparison to its allopathic and synthetic drug counterparts. Thus, products made with Shallaki herb is a healthier and economic proposition for the end user.



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