Best Health Tips for Smokers

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Health tips for smokers

 'SMOKING', may one call it a habit, an addiction, or evil which doesn't allow a person to get rid of it smoking can be termed as any one of them. It is an addiction which slowly within no time turns into a bad habit. Therefore one should have control over their habits and should try to make a thin line into a thick one between habits and addiction. Though wrong habits are easy to pick one should try the difficult things and stay strong with good habits like exercising, practicing yoga, eating fresh and healthy food, and staying positive in every walk of life. Switching to such activities not just makes one a better human but also keeps one healthy and stay strong.

Smoking is a habit that is nearly adapted by over 300 people every day. The saddest part about this is the evil habit consists of youth rabble which is lower than 18 years of age. Hence the young generation can be termed as a misguided mass of people. It is also proven that smoking doubles the chances of heart attacks by furring the arteries. Let us have a look at some of the hazardous facts smokers have to face due to this ill-habit:

  • It thickens the blood which increases the formation of blood clots.
  • Increases the chances of heart and blood diseases.
  • Narrows the arteries or blocked arteries which lead to a low amount of oxygen reaching the blood.
  • Smokers also have high risks of being affected by stomach ulcers.
  • Nicotine being the highest responsible factor smoking is the major cause of lung cancer.
  • Smoking clots the way of oxygen to reach the skin hence smoker's skin is often observed as pale and full of wrinkles.
  • Women are at a higher risk as smoking can brittle a female's bones quickly and lead to a hazardous health condition termed 'Osteoarthritis'.
  • This ill-habit is also highly responsible for brain stokes too.
  • Smoking isn't just harmful to the internal system of our body but it also damages the external appearance too. Smoking stains teeth and makes them look yellow. It is also harmful to gum health.
  • It is also one of the causes of male impotency.

Though various other factors can prove smoking as a hazardous habit but once addicted to it the person is not able to get rid of these harmful puffs easily. So instead of deteriorating the health completely, there are people who have managed to turn this addiction into a bit healthy way. One can manage to complete their urge to smoking and can still stay healthy. It is difficult to manage an addiction with a healthy lifestyle but if done in the right way it can work wonders.


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So let us have a look at some of the important health tips for smokers to stay healthy which should be followed to turn it as a healthy part of living:


  1. Consume an anti-oxidant rich diet

Anti-oxidant rich diet

It is a known and understandable fact that smoking is a huge factor in the accumulation of nicotine in our bodies. Hence smokers should have a diet that is rich in anti-oxidants to cut the health-damaging effects of nicotine. Leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, food items with low sugar and low fat, should be highly consumed, these food items not just helps to lower the adverse effects of smoking but also helps to maintain a healthy and proper diet of an individual. An anti-oxidant rich diet includes vitamins B, C, and E, healthy nutrients, proteins, and many other essentials required for the body.


  1. Maintain a Workout Routine


Smoking leads to various health problems, these health problems directly affects our immune system. Hence to keep our body protected from the damaging effects of smoking one can strengthen their immune system to stay of a safer and healthier side. One can go to a gym for a vigorous form of workout or one can also dig in for a combination of light exercises and yoga. Yoga is termed to be one of the best ways to cleanse and detoxify our body internally as well as externally. Maintaining a perfect workout routine helps to shed down that extra fat from the body and also helps one to strengthen our internal system to stay protected from the ill-addiction.

  1. A perfect balance of Caffeine


We must have observed usually many smokers prefer to have a cup of tea or coffee along with their puff. It helps the smoker to balance the nicotine content of the cigarette. Hence one after a puff one should immediately have a cup of normal or a black coffee. Green tea is also one of the best choices to cut down the harmful effect of nicotine. The antioxidants present in green tea help one to wrap the side-effects of smoking and release only a few of them in the body. It also helps to maintain the balance between dehydration and the smoking level of the body.

  1. Go in for filter cigarettes

Filter cigarette

Smoking is an obvious health-damaging habit, but one can curtail its side-effects to a bit by adapting to a healthy option of it. There are filter cigarettes available in the market that allows a restraint amount of nicotine to enter the body. These filters though might be a little expensive than a normal cigarette but affordable enough to protect one's lungs from this ill-addiction. This filter also helps one to avoid the darkening of lips and gum tissues.

  1. Reduce the amount of nicotine


One of the harmful reasons that make smoking a harmful habit is the nicotine content of it. Hence reducing the amount of this harmful substance is to cut down the number of puffs in a day. Some people have a habit of continuous smoking. Hence such people consume around a complete pack of cigarettes in a day. To cut down the number of cigarettes in a day gradually or occasional smoking will help one to get rid of this habit. Hence one can lower the number of puffs in a day and try to control the urge of it by engaging oneself into different activities. Activities like chewing on a piece of gum, exercising, and many other activities can help one to divert the addiction and control the urge. One can also look out for healthy cigarette alternatives available in the market to lower the health risks of it.

Including smoking as a part of a healthy diet has become a fad for many of the smokers. Therefore people can make a perfect balance between a healthy body and maintaining the addiction accordingly. But there are still certain questions which people have unanswered in their minds.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Quit smoking

  1. Am I too late to quit the habit after several years of smoking?

Answer: It is rightly said that 'It's never too late', the saying goes here as well. When one decides to quit smoking one should stay positive and determined about it as well. Though several years of smoking might had done a huge amount of damage to the body but quitting the habit and moving towards a positive change is a more successful thing. Though it isn't an easy thing to lower the risks of accumulated nicotine in the body but practicing healthy habits help one to stay protected from its effects. Hence though you had been smoking for 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years, it's never too late to decide on giving up on the habit.

  1. What are healthy cigarette alternatives?

Answer: If one has determined to quit smoking but are facing issues to deal with the urge then there are alternatives for one's help. There are healthy cigarettes available in the market which is a healthy option compared to the nicotine puffs. These cigarettes are made up of the blend of various herbs. These cigarettes consist of carcinogens, a substitute for nicotine. These sticks can lower the risk of health diseases. The herbal blend of the cigarette consists of lemongrass, mint, and many other herbs. Therefore one can opt these cigarettes as helpful healthy cigarettes alternatives.

  1. What are the effects of quitting smoking?

Answer: Quitting smoking isn't a cakewalk. It isn't an easy task hence many people are not able to give it a successful try. People opt for this ill-habit due to various reasons such as hectic lifestyle, depression, stress, anxiety, and many such reasons. But these reasons are also turned into after-effects of one quits smoking. The individual who has quit smoking and is firm on the resolution may face problems with the above-mentioned problems. Therefore one needs a firm set of minds to stay positive.


  1. Can change in diet help one to control the ill-effects of smoking?

Answer: Though smoking harms health and the damage done to the body is harmful, but one can stay protected from this damage by changing certain food habits. Consumption of healthy food items such as fresh and green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits can help one to strengthen the immunity system. One should avoid packaged food items and junk food. These are some of the healthy options one can opt to reduce the ill-effects of these puffs.

  1. Can exercising bring about a healthy change in smokers?

Answer: Yes, exercising and indulging in physical activities can help smokers a lot. Therefore smokers should be dedicated to exercising just like their dedication for puffing. Exercising helps one to stay at a bay from depression, overthinking and stress. These are some of the major reasons an individual is attracted to smoking. It also helps to keep obesity away and allows the flow of oxygen to reach the body. Smoking narrows the veins of the body which restrains the proper flow of blood. Therefore exercising and indulging in physical activity is helpful for smokers.

Health Tips For Smokers

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