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Our sleeping or resting time is one of the important parts of the day too. Our sleep gradually decides our day and shapes it too. Having a sleep of just 3 to 4 hours is not sufficient for a human body. It is natural for such individuals to feel drowsy and sleepy all day and not able to concentrate on work. But if an individual is having a complete sleep of 8 hours and even though the individual is feeling lethargic and lazy all day then there is something wrong going on in the person's whole day schedule. Let us have a look at some of the habits that might disturb our sleep or the habits that act as a barrier in the complete rest of a body. One can also buy Shree Jain Ashwagandha Tablets for a soothing and sound sleep. 

  1. Irregular Sleep Timings

Our body works like a machine too. It too has limitations and boundaries to work. Too much work and out of capacity activities might tire the individual. People who do not have a proper sleeping time feel tired and sleepy in the day always. Such people are not able to provide the required and proper rest to their bodies. This disturbs the sleeping clock of the body and it remains confused all time. Hence during such situations, the mind feels tired and lethargic too. Hence to avoid sleepy and drowsiness one should have a proper sleeping time.

  1. Wrong Sleeping Posture

A wrong sleeping posture might also disturb the sleep of an individual. Certain positions should be strictly avoided. Such sleeping postures might crop up issues like back pain, headache, migraine, and even a huge tummy. Postures like sleeping like a fetus, arm below the head, sleeping on the stomach, and keeping the whole body wrapped under the blanket, are all wrong postures.

These postures might damage the tissues of the hand, provide insufficient oxygen to the body, and allow fatty tissues to cover the waistline. People suffering from back pain should sleep on their backs to lower the pain and maintain the correct posture. 

  1. Exercise before Sleep

Few people prefer to work out during the evenings. But this might disturb the sleeping pattern. Though physical exercises help to induce sleep they should be done at least 4 to 5 hours before hitting the bed. Exercises excite the tissues and cells of the body. Hence the individual feels energized and charged all day. Therefore, one should try to avoid working out before retiring to bed.

  1. Avoiding Alarm Clock

We all set an alarm clock to get up at a fixed time and avoid any delay for our day to start or to reach our offices. But many of us avoid this alarm and snooze it too. This does not allow us to get more sleep but on the contrary, it tires the person more. Because snooze time of the alarm isn't sufficient for our body to get adequate rest. Hence try to make it a habit of getting up immediately after hearing the alarm for the first time.

  1. Excess consumption of Caffeine

Some people are highly addicted to coffee. Though coffee has health benefits too it has an equal number of side-effects if not consumed proportionately. Excess consumption of caffeine activates and alerts the mind of an individual. Hence the person is not able to sleep peacefully. Excess caffeine is dangerous for the body too. One can also have a look at our blog Healthier Swaps for Healthier Lifestyle to know a healthy alternative of coffee and many other health-damaging ingredients.

Let us have a look at some of the herbal and natural ways to induce sleep and provide complete rest to the body.

  1. Perfect Sleeping Environment

It is not just our body which is responsible for a good and satisfying sleep, the environment in which we sleep or the environment of our room is equally important to induce a night of deep and sound sleep. It is advised to wear loose cotton clothes while sleeping as they are comfortable for the body. The temperature of the room is vital too for healthy sleep. 20 to 24 degrees Celsius is the advised temperature. One should have a clean room and bed before sleeping. Sleeping in a messed-up room is unhygienic and sleep disturbances.

  1. Sleeping in the Right Direction

Sleeping in the correct direction matters the quality of sleep too. For instance, India is located in the northern hemisphere of the earth, hence Indians are advised to avoid sleeping in the northern direction. Ayurveda states that sleeping in the east is the best direction for one to have a deep and sound sleep. Sleeping in the eastern direction has multiple health benefits too.

  1. Massage Feet

Ayurveda states that there are certain acupressure points on our feet that are connected to our brain through the route of our nose. Hence when we massage these acupressure points our brain feels calm and relaxed. Hence to induce a soothing and deep sleep one should wash their feet and massage it with mustard oil relaxingly before sleeping. This helps to relax the mind and experience quality sleep. One can also give a read to our blog Abhyanga- Meaning, Benefits, and Scope to know the benefits about massaging feet and the whole body.

  1. Proper Bedtime Routine

A proper bedtime routine is one of the best ways to train our body and mind to have a peaceful sleep. It helps the body to get regulated with a certain sleeping time and immediately get into the sleeping zone too. A proper bedtime time routine involves sleeping on a fixed time, making the bedroom an electronic gadget-free zone an hour before the sleep, wearing something relaxing and comfortable, washing the feet or one can also have a bath. One can also consume a glass of milk with one spoon of Ashwagandha mixed in it. It helps to induce sleep and relax the nerves of the brain.

  1. Practicing Breathing Technique
Practicing a few breathing exercises helps to induce sleep too. It is advised to inhale through the nostrils for about 4 seconds and hold it for 6 seconds then release this air through the mouth for 7 seconds. Practicing this method for 6 to 7 times before bedtime helps to induce sleep and improve the quality of sleep too. One can also have a look at our blog Asanas for Stress Relief to know more exercises to calm the mind and body.


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