Tips to Stay Anxiety-free and Positive during Lockdown

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People in all parts of the world today are facing hard times due to the corona disease spread. It has made us all to forcefully sit at our homes and have restricted us to step out. Many people have not been able to deal with it positively. There are also many mental, emotional, and depression cases out where people have not been able to bear the thought of being trapped in four walls of their house.

Though it might sound tough and a harder concept to digest but one should always try to look at the brighter side of life. Though there might be walls of sadness and darkness around us to gulp our happiness we should always remember a storm always ends with calm and rainbow of peace. Let us have a look at some of the tips and ways where we can engage our minds and try out some productive things being at home.

  1. Reading

Many people might not agree with the fact of it but yes reading is one of the best ways to nourish our mind. It is not only a productive habit but also helps us to know some interesting and fun facts. Few people might not find it interesting but try to inculcate the habit of reading. Try with at least 1 or 2 pages initially then gradually one will grasp the interest in the content and find it interesting.

One can read any material according to their preference. Spiritual books like Ramayan and Bhagwad Geeta of Hindu mythology not only are spiritual but also teaches us the true meaning of life and the true essence to live a healthy life. Such books not only fill up the person with positivity but also make a person a true human.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is another form of peace for our soul. It is one of the ways to complete and true happiness. We always try to keep ourselves occupied to stay at a bay from being seldom, but meditation is a way to stop all the work and bring hold of peace to our mind. Though working for a human is important but giving that much-needed break to our mind is equally important. During this lockdown period, people are frustrated with too much of being in the same environment. At such times try meditation to calm down the frustrated and agitated mind. Meditation has numerous benefits like it helps to improve concentration; it also helps to improve our personality, and many other fringes to take an account of.

  1. Learn a new skill

We always wonder to spare some time for the activity that we wish to learn. But due to work, we are not able to spend some time on it. Lockdown is the best time to learn those activities and improvise those skills as well. Today people can learn many skills by maintaining social distancing with the help of online classes. People can practice or opt for dancing, playing an instrument, or even opt for various other creative classes. People are also trying their hand at creative writing, scriptwriting, cooking, or are also trying to learn new photography skills. There are tremendous options to choose from according to the preference. Hence try to keep yourself occupied in such forms of activity rather than being idle.

  1. Exercise

Along with learning new skills, one should also be conscious of their body. One should not exercise with the motive of being in an attractive shape or to lose weight. One should exercise with the motive of keeping the body healthy and away from any form of health ailments. Though lockdown has compelled the gyms to stay shut this should not lower the spirit to workout. One can stay active by practising a few simple exercises at home to maintain the flexibility of the body. One can also try yoga and various types of asanas to maintain immunity and keep the mind calm and productive.

  1. Spend time with family

One of the best things one can enjoy this lockdown is to spend time with family. The busy and hectic work schedules earlier didn't even allow a few people to enjoy at least one meal with their families. This is the best time to spend time with our families and share all the good old memories. Spending time also helps to rejuvenate our minds and share with our closest people our thoughts. This helps the family to strengthen the thoughts of an individual and stay away from depressing and low dark thoughts. 


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