Tongue Scraping - Ancient Indian Way to Increase Metabolism & Dental Health

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In Ayurveda, tongue scraping has a great significance. Though it is a small routine of daily life really add to our health. In western world also, this practice is picking up. Now, what is tongue scraping? Well, it is a sort of continuous stroke that you do over your tongue using a tongue scraper or a brush to remove content over the tongue surface.

Usually, the tongue surface contains bacteria, food particles and old saliva. We require to remove all of these for below reasons:

  1. Aid to digestion

Scraping tongue helps in activating saliva glands to produce more saliva which helps in digestions. It also removes many toxins which can enter into our digestion tract or say blood stream. As per Ayurveda, tongue cleaning ignites digestion fire or in other words metabolism to consume and digest more food.

  1. For Dental health

Brushing and floss remove food particles and toxins from the teeth and gums. The tongue surface can still hold a huge amount of food particles and toxins to it. Actually, tongue carries more bacteria than any other part of the mouth.  Hence, it will only add to the dental health if one start scraping tongue.

  1. Detoxing body

In Ayurveda, a coated or discoloured tongue is treated as a symptom of certain diseases. Or we dig deeper it is usually the acclamation of certain bacteria on the tongue that leads to some diseases. Removing them is the only alternative. Also, if the tongue stays cleaner most of the time, it would be easier to diagnosis in case if there really is a problem.

  1. Mouth odour

Last but not the least, mouth odour is something we all warn of. We try not just various tooth paste and floss having mints and cloves to keep the bad smell away. While all this cannot take care of the tongue which can carry small particles in small crests on its surfaces. It’s always advisable to scrape tongue twice a day.

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