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Ayurvedic brands are gaining their due importance and are being highly paid attention by people these days. Hence there are various top and trusted brands available in the market that are in this field for ages. People using these Ayurvedic brands are getting the best and effective results from the herbal products of the brand. Hence the trust gained by these brands is getting stronger day by day. One can also have a look at our section of Let us have a peep in some of such amazing Ayurvedic brands working successfully in the market.

  1. Nuralz

Nuralz is one of the top notches and best Ayurvedic brands in the market. May it be a product for health ailment or hazardous issues like cardiovascular problems or even cancer, Nuralz has all forms of products and medicines to cure the disorder. The brand also has Ayurvedic skincare and haircare products. Hence it ensures the health and beauty aspect of an individual too. Issues like arthritis, osteoporosis, and even a knee or joint pain can be cured with the help of herbal ointments and capsules available by the brand to serve the purpose. Hence to have a look at some healthy and effective Ayurvedic products do check out their products.

  1. Dabur

Dabur is one of the best and world-renowned Ayurvedic brands in the industry. It has a huge arena of products in every possible sector. May it is a product for health ailment, skincare, or haircare, Dabur is all there at our service. Dabur products also manufacture healthy eating products like juices and various other products. Being best in their quality Dabur products are available in various other countries. Hence the brand is well-renowned worldwide. The company has maintained its legacy for 135 years and had been one of the top 5 accounted for Ayurvedic brands with a huge amount of trust in its customers. The brand is so popular that every other Indian kitchen is found with a bottle of Dabur honey.

  1. Patanjali

One of the latest Ayurvedic brands in India, Patanjali has deepened its roots in the market as well. Patanjali too is increasing the number of its products and is widening the category of products. Be it arthritis, knee or joint pain, skincare problems, hair problems, or food, Patanjali has it all to serve you. Patanjali has a huge collection of edible products too. Be it herbal and healthy biscuits, noodles, or spices, the brand offers a natural and Ayurvedic choice for all. The brand manufactures natural washing powder and even an herbal dishwashing cake too. Hence a huge amount of the rabble is inclined towards Patanjali products. Another USP of this brand the products manufactured are economic and pocket-friendly.

  1. Baidyanath

Another well-renowned and a well Ayurvedic knowledge seeker brand is Baidyanath. The brand is serving its customers since 1917. The brand has also been awarded by the prestigious Nagarjuna Award for its excellent service and products. The brand offers a huge variety of products such as healthy eats, products to cure health ailments, skincare products, and hair care products. The brand also offers various types of herbal oils. The brand has a huge section of baby care products and female hygiene too. Baidyanath also offers products for a disturbed sexual life.

  1. Hamdard

Hamdard is a brand full of Unani medicines. The brand has been an established one in the market for years too. Founded as a small herbal clinic the brand was slowly and gradually established by the family members. The brand offers a variety of products for health ailments, herbal oils, haircare, and skincare. With economic and pocket-friendly price range Hamdard is one of the leading ayurvedic brands in India. The brand also offers products for male and female sexual health. A separate section for child and woman care products is available by the brand too.

  1. Zandu

Zandu is a healthy and Ayurvedic brand working in the market for ages too. the brand offers a variety of products for healthcare, skincare, and haircare. The brand also offers products for digestive disorders like constipation, loose stools, gas, bloating, and flatulence. Zandu also offers products for male sexual care. The brand has a separate section for female health care and baby care too. The brand offers healthy eats such as chyawanprash and other health tonics too.

  1. Himalaya

Another well-renowned and highly known brand in the market is Himalaya. The brand has been in the market for more than 80 years. The brand offers various Ayurvedic products for various problems and health aspects of life. The brand cares and offers products for all age groups, may it be a newborn child or an aged individual. The brand also offers a section for animal care products. The brand has been in the market for years for its effective and Ayurvedic formulations. Hence people are well aware and ensured the quality of the brand and its products. Himalaya is famous for its products not only in India but worldwide.  


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