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Unani medicines are very popular in treating sex-related problems. These are another form of Ayurvedic medicines that originated in Islamic countries and also have their prototypes in Ayurveda. The medicines are especially helpful in treating erectile dysfunction and impotence in men as well as sexual frigidness in women.  However, there is also normal stamina boosting products in the industry. Below we are providing descriptions of some of the top products from Hashmi medicines. View here the complete list of Hashmi Products.


  1. Hashmi Hard Rock Capsules

The product is an excellent stamina booster and is one of the best Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotency. The effects are fast and at the same time durable. Positive results are experienced within 15-30 minutes of consumption of the capsules and the effects last for 4-6 hours. Unlike its allopathic counterparts, it does not result in headache and nausea.  It contains natural herbal products that increase blood flow, provides more nutrients, enhances libido keeping the urinary tract healthy, and contains natural bulking agents. The medicine resolves the issue of erectile dysfunction providing firmer as well as long-lasting erections. The suggested dose is one capsule after breakfast and another after dinner every day.


  1. Sikander-e-Azam Plus Capsule

People looking to increase the size of their penis can use this excellent herbal product and supplements for male virility. On one hand it increases the blood flow to corpus cavernosum and on the other hand, it constitutes two masses of erectile tissues forming the bulk of the penis. It helps to hold the maximum amount of blood during an erection. In addition; the increase in testosterone levels results in better sexual drive. Increasing the size and girth of penis it balances sexual hormones and ensures harder and fuller erections.

  1. Mughal-e-Azam Cream

This is another product from Hashmi Medicines that can effectively help in increasing the penis size of the user. The product is purely herbal and works on the internal penile tissues and enlarges them. In result; these tissues are able to hold a greater amount of blood causing better, longer, as well as harder erections for the user. The cream is one of the easiest, safest, and fastest products for increasing the penis size. It works on the internal membranes of the tissues causing increased dilation of blood vessels. The best way of using the cream is combo use of Mughal-e-Azam cream and capsules together.

  1. Hashmi Heightole-XL Capsules

This is an excellent Ayurvedic product to increase one’s height naturally. The product has experienced high success rates. It is also a purely herbal and healthy product that is safe using and it does not create any side effects. The product helps improve bone strength as well as their regeneration improving the posture and ensuring the growth of joints, discs, and cartilages. Another advantage of using the product is that it reduces fat accumulation and develops lean muscles.


  1. Fezinil Capsules

This is an extremely useful Hashmi product designed to enhance women sex power and vitality. The product is available in a pack of 60 and is purely herbal and does not have any adverse effects on the health of the consumer. It is especially useful for women finding a lack of sexual drive and frigidity.


These are not all. There are various other useful Hashmi products that can be used to address various health issues including arthritis, joint pain, diabetes, blood pressure, etc through the specialties are in the field of sex power enhancement. Other notable products from Hashmi Medicines are Hashmi Vegitot Cream, Extreme X Capsules, Baby Capsules, Spermia Capsules, Hashmi Fire-X Capsules, Hashmi Cock Xxl, Musli Energy Plus, Hashmi Big-B XL, Hashmi Lady Care Capsules, Hashmi Cute-B Cream, and Hashmi Big-B Cream. Each of these products is useful for making the user’s life healthier, happier, and pleasant.

Find here the complete list of Hashmi Products.





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