Uses and Benefits of Rock Salt

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Rock Salt, also known as Sendha Namak is a highly used salt in the Indian kitchen. Rock salt is mostly used in Indian kitchens during various food preparations while fasting. Rock salt is also a healthy option compared to the regular refined salt. Rock salt is full of various minerals and nutritive components for health. Hence there are many people who prefer to use rock salt instead of refined salt. There are varieties of salt that are much healthier compared to table salts such as Kosher Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Rock Salt, Sea Salt, and many more to name. Let us have a dig at some of the amazing uses and health benefits of Rock Salt.

Uses of Rock Salt

  1. Preparation of Food

Rock salt is highly used in the preparation of food especially, to prepare the food items to be eaten during fast. Rock salt is filled with minerals required for a healthy body hence it is a healthy option compared to refined salt. Therefore, switching to rock salt is a healthier option especially for heart patients and people who often experience high blood pressure.

  1. Helps Digestion

Rock salt helps to ease the process of digestion. Hence if you feel a sudden stomachache or bloating you can prepare a mixture of rock salt and carom seeds and consume it with warm water. It helps to ease the pain and relax the body. simply adding rock salt in a glass of warm water and consuming it helps to ease the digestion process and avoid issues like constipation or loose stools.

  1. Heals Sore throats

Gargling with salt water is an age-old remedy to cure sore throats. It helps to heal the throat and pacify it for a clear voice and to get rid of irritability. Simply adding rock salt in warm water and gargling with it at least twice or thrice a day helps to get rid of a sore throat easily without the help of any medication.

Advantages of Rock Salt

  1. Full of Nutrients

Normal table salt is known as Sodium Chloride because of the sodium and Chloride content in it. Both these components are useful for our body but in a restricted quantity. The overdosage of these components leads to various health issues. Rock salt is full of these components along with some other nutrients like zinc, iron, nickel, manganese, and many more. Hence the salt is highly nutritive and beneficial for health.

  1. Improves Metabolism

High metabolism is a vital part of a healthy and active body. People with low metabolism are usually lethargic and lazy. Consumption of rock salt helps to keep the metabolism of the body high. It also eventually aids to lose weight because of the other minerals found in the salt. Hence people who are on a weight loss spree can switch to rock salt for positive and healthy results.

  1. Aids Healthy Sleep

Rock salt helps to regulate melatonin which is essential for healthy sleep. Hence rock salt is also known to promote sound sleep. It helps to keep the body and mind relaxed. It also helps to lower stress and depression levels.  


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