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Today's hectic and busy lifestyle has made people far and apart from paying attention to their health. People have stopped paying attention to their health. Sometimes it is just a matter of filling up the empty stomach. But what goes in the stomach is not given attention to at times. People try to fill up their stomachs in a hurry with food available outside. Most of the time it is junk food. Though junk food might fill up the stomach it is not healthy for the body. once in a blue moon it is fine but one should not eat it regularly. Junk food is a huge invitation to issue like obesity, high cholesterol, cardiovascular issues, memory issues, and many more ailment to name.

One of the biggest issues with eating junk and having no time for exercise is facing obesity. It is one of the common problems observed in the whole world. People try to find an excuse to skip working out or avoiding exercise but it might not end up doing good for the body. Obesity can work as an obstacle in your daily life. Obese people are not able to do physical activities for a longer time. They are more prone to health issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even a heart stroke. Hence one should not just exercise to have a maintained body shape but also for a healthy heart. One can also have a look at the mentioned link to know some easy and healthy tips to lose weight

What is Vishnu Fat Nashak Powder?

Vishnu Fat Nashak Powder is a herbal and ayurvedic remedy to control fat. The herbal product helps you to have control over your calorie count and burn the excess and unnecessary fat. Fat Nashak Powder is made from various herbs and natural ingredients. Hence one can opt it over other fat loss products available in the market for a safer and healthier option. The powder helps to increase metabolism and burn the excess fat.

Increased metabolism is necessary for weight loss. Fat Nashak Powder helps to maintain a healthy fat. The powder also helps to get rid of excess belly fat and reduce the extra inches from the waistline. The product is completely safe to use and has no side-effects.

When can Vishnu Fat Nashak Powder be used?

Fat Nashak Powder can be used by people who are not able to lose excess weight even after following a healthy diet and exercise routine. People who are highly obese and want to save themselves from future losses to their bodies can also use Fat Nashak Powder. The product is Ayurvedic hence one can use it without worries. There are no chemicals added in the product unlike many products available in the market to increase their shelf life. Fat Nashak Powder is also healthy to save the body from various other problems faced due to obesity. It helps one to maintain a healthy BMI too.

A healthy diet, with some physical activity, and consumption of Fat Nashak Powder helps to maintain a healthy weight. One should try to avoid high fat, high sugary, and high-calorie foods while consuming Fat Nashak Powder for positive and effective results. Though the herbal powder might support a bit to lose weight one should always follow a healthy lifestyle to stay at a bay from various ailments and health issues.

Ingredients of Vishnu Fat Nashak Powder?

  • Guggul- Guggul is a natural herb extracted from the sap of a tree. It helps to lose weight naturally without any harm to the body. it also helps to lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels promoting weight gain.
  • Triphala- this mixture of three herbs namely Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki helps one to lose weight instantly without any side-effects. Triphala also helps to act as a natural antioxidant for the body and cleanse the toxins from the internal system.
  • Cinnamon- the ingredient helps to increase metabolism and burn the excess fat. Hence it is an essential and healthy ingredient for a weight loss churna.
  • Punarnava- the herb helps to maintain a healthy liver and kidney. It also helps to boost immunity and lose weight naturally.

Dosage of Fat Nashak Powder

  • The recommended dosage of Fat Nashak Powder is one and a half spoon of powder with warm water after a meal. One should not eat for about half an hour after the consumption of powder.
  • One can also consult a doctor for proper dosage according to the body type.

Side-effects of Fat Nashak Powder

Being a herbal product there are no side-effects of Vishnu Fat Nashak Powder.

Precautions to be taken

It is advised to consult a doctor before giving the product to children or people with other health ailments.

FAQ's about Fat Nashak Powder

  1. Is the product safe to use?

The product is made from herbs and other Ayurvedic ingredients hence it is completely safe to use. There are no side-effects of using the product.

  1. When can effective results of the product be seen?

It is advised to consume the product for at least 3 to 4 months for positive and effective results. One should also follow a healthy lifestyle by consuming low fat and low sugary food along with some physical activity for effective results.

  1. Are there any food habits to be avoided while consuming the product?

It is advised to avoid high fat, high calorie, fatty, and sugary foods while consuming Fat Nashak Powder. It helps to get positive results at a quicker pace and maintain healthy body weight.

Where can we buy the product?

The product can be purchased on:

Vishnu Fat Nashak Powder


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