What is Aasthaapana or Niruhamin in Ayurveda? What are its benefits?

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We all are well aware of the benefits and uses of Ayurveda, yet some among us are ignorant about its fringes. Ayurveda is one of the safest treatment for an individual’s mental or physical health. It helps one from internally and helps to eradicate the problem from the root. Ayurveda consist of many forms of herbal medicines, postures, yoga asanas, and many such components to healing a person. Hence the study of this natural science is one of the tedious studies. For more information about ayurvedic concepts kindly have a look on the mentioned link, https://www.ayurspace.com/blogs/articles/what-is-panchakarma-in-ayurveda-why-it-is-most-talked-about.

Introduction to Niruhamin

Niruhamin or Nirhua Basti is a procedure to cure ailments like joint or knee pain or any stomach disorder with the help of inducing herbal liquids or medicines in the body. It helps one to get relieved from joint problems like arthritis or morning stiffness. It also is helpful to get rid of stomach disorders or ailments. 

There are various methods or therapies to treat various problems in Ayurveda. Basti Karma is one among those therapies. Basti Karma is practiced in various forms as well. Hence it is necessary to have a keen knowledge of every form of posture or asana before practicing it. Niruhamin is a form of Basti Karma practice. It involves the introduction of herbal liquids into our body to heal the ailments from within. 

The procedure of Niruhamin involves inducing herbal liquids, herbal medicines, or honey into an individual’s body. People suffering from knee or joint pain find this therapy very soothing and relaxing. It helps to heal an individual internally. Induction of herbal liquids into the body helps one in the process of intoxication. It is a helpful remedy to clear the bowel movements as well. The abdomen feels light and relaxed after the completion of Niruhamin. It acts as a complete internal treatment of the body to cleanse it naturally and healthily. 

Benefits of Niruhamin

Niruhamin, being an ayurvedic practice helps one to cleanse and detoxify our body naturally without the help of any artificial medications. As we daily bath to keep our body clean and free from pollution or dirt, in the same manner, it is also equivalently vital to cleanse our body internally. It is a natural way to detoxify our body and remove all the toxins accumulated within. Toxins can be accumulated in our body due to various reasons such as pollution, improper lifestyle, improper diet, and many such. Therefore it is necessary to remove them and get our body cleansed.

People suffering from arthritis find this therapy as the best way to cure the ailment naturally without involving any kind of medications. On the other hand, it also cleanses our bowel movement which is extremely essential to keep our body protected from various disorders. Hence one should do try out practicing Niruhamin to heal problems like knee pain and constipation naturally. The main aim of this procedure is to induce herbal natural oils in our body for internal cleaning without any artificial or harmful medications.   


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