What is Alcoholism? An Ayurvedic Approach to Treat Alcohol Addiction

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Today’s fast-paced world is full of competition. Everyone is involved in a rat race and needs to reach first at the finish line. This increasing competition is also increasing stress among people day by day. Many people try some positive ways to deal with this stress and pressure such as meditation, yoga, exercises, spending time with family, or indulging in various forms of sports or other physical activities. But some people consider the stress at the end of the world and find negative ways to deal with it. Such people find ways such as consuming alcohol, smoking, or even try drugs when the level turns extreme.

Such addictions lead people towards the path of bad health and a corrupted set of mind. People who get addicted to consuming alcohol are the people highly getting affected by the adverse effects of alcoholism. Alcoholism is the addiction people get rid of after putting in a lot of effort. It is a habit that spoils the health of an individual from within. It ruins our immune system and affects it adversely as well. Though people may treat it as a way to cope up with the increasing stress or work pressure it is not a healthy option for an individual’s physique. A high craving of alcohol kills an individual slowly from within along with a severe disorder.

Consuming alcohol is not the answer to all the problems few of the people are not able to understand this simple fact. Neither people try to educate themselves about the disadvantages of having alcohol. Hence a minor beginning later ends up in a serious addiction for a few of the people. It not just affects the immune system of an individual but also affects the mental health of the person.

Let us have a look at the various reasons for an individual getting addicted to alcoholism:

  • Work pressure
  • Stress
  • Inappropriate company of people
  • Change in lifestyle
  • High levels of anxiety

Let us also have a look at some of the disorders caused due to high alcohol addiction:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Adverse effects on the immune system
  • Liver problems
  • Brain, heart, and pancreatic problems
  • Destroys concentration power

Therefore one should stay away from such kinds of negative addictions and keep oneself fit and healthy. Alcoholism not just affects the individual but also the family of the person as well. A high addiction to this poisonous drink may make the person mentally imbalanced. Hence the social environments of such families are disturbed and uncultured as well. Children of an alcoholism affected parent are also deprived of the love and care they should get. Therefore such families are not able to take a decision united at times.

Ayurveda being solely a strong science is also one of the best ways to treat alcoholism. If one does not prefer to take medications then the person can opt for Ayurveda to cure the addiction healthily and naturally. It has the answers to all the physical or mental ailments. There are various ways and components which are helpful to heal such harmful addictions. Medication is not always the answer to all forms of problems. Hence Ayurveda should be adopted for healing various health or mental problems.

There are also various Ayurvedic medicines to cure alcoholism. Let us have a look at some of the components and remedies useful for the purpose:

  1. Grapes

Grapes are the major component of an alcoholic drink. Hence they can be best used to cure alcoholism as well. People suffering from alcoholism should eat grapes whenever they feel the craving or urge to consume alcohol. It helps them to lower the urge and also helps them to get rid of the addiction. Hence grapes are the best ingredient to draw the borderline on this ill-habit.

  1. Cayenne

Cayenne is a common spice often found in our kitchens. They help to spice up our food and add a zing to our vegetable preparations and curries. This common spice is not just useful for our food preparations but also a helpful component to get rid of alcoholism. It strongly helps to control the urge of alcohol and thus helps to prevent it. It should be consumed in a liquid form for effective results. Cayenne is also considered helpful to cure insomnia and anxiety. The component is multipurpose along with being helpful in various other ayurvedic purposes as well.  

  1. Dates

One of the mouth-watering nuts, dates are also mentioned in the queue to get rid of alcoholism. They are helpful to control the urge for alcohol. Dates prove to be one of the best methods to cure alcoholism. One can put a few pieces of dates in lukewarm water and then rub them in the water. Consume this water twice or thrice a day to see effective results within a short period. One should try this remedy to treat the alcoholism affected people and try to change this addiction healthily and naturally.

  1. Carom Seed Drink

Another miraculous ingredient helpful to get rid of alcohol addiction is carom seeds. They are helpful to cure alcoholism and help one in getting non-addict to alcohol. One needs to follow a simple remedy to make this drink from carom seeds to have a look at the positive results. Boil 8 litres of water and add a few spoonfuls of carom seeds in it. Boil the water until it reduces to 2 litres. Allow the mixture to cool and then strain. Consume the water whenever you feel the urge to consume alcohol.  

  1. Panchakarma Therapy

The ayurvedic remedy to cure alcoholism is Panchakarma Therapy. This therapy involves a combination of five therapies according to the individual’s requirement. Hence one should also try this remedy for some healthy positive results. A Panchakarma Therapy involves cleansing of our body and immune system from within. It involves inducing herbal oils or honey in our body through various routes on the other side it also involves massaging the body with various herbal oils to prepare the body for further treatments. In such a manner it can be termed as a measurement to prepare the body of an alcohol addict for further treatments.

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