What is Anuvaasan and its benefits in Ayurveda?

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What is Anuvaasan (oil enema) in Ayurveda? What are its Benefits?

Panchakarma, one of the most health effective therapies to soothe our body is divided into further various other therapies. Ayurveda, being one of the versatile remedies is helpful for an individual to heal various forms of physical and mental ailments. Ayurveda is helpful for an individual to recover without the use of any harmful or intoxicating medications. It helps one to balance the inner system of a body and cleanse it from all the forms of toxins accumulated within. Therefore it is very important to have the complete knowledge of an ayurvedic procedure before performing one. 

Introduction about Anuvaasan (oil enema)

Anuvaasan is a part of Panchakarma. Panchakarma is a procedure to remove toxins from an individual’s body and detoxify it naturally. Anuvaasan helps one to remove all the intoxicating materials from the body through the anal route. It is one among the natural remedies to cleanse the body and to detoxify it naturally in a safe manner. Anuvaasan is a form of Basti to cleanse our body. Therefore it is highly practiced by people rather than opting for harmful drugs or medications. Anuvaasan is a safe treatment and does not impact our body negatively as it is ayurvedic treatment. Anuvaasan is believed to heal our body for a longer time and balance the inner mechanism. Therefore most of the people prefer this therapy rather than opting for surgeries or medications.

Procedure of Anuvaasan

Though the procedure of Anuvaasan may sound a bit difficult and maybe a bit tough to digest for an individual, it is completely safe. It is believed that the oils or ghee remain for a longer time in an individual’s body through this procedure. Hence one should get the treatment done with the help of a professional or expert. 

The procedure of Anuvaasan involves inducing herbal oils or ghee in the body of an individual through the anal route. Though it might sound dangerous or risky at the beginning for an individual it is ensured to be a completely safe procedure for the removal of intoxicants accumulated within the body. for the procedure, one needs to lay down on the support of an arm and have to raise the upward leg for the medicine or ghee to induce within the body through the anal route. The oils or ghee stays within the body for a longer time to allow it to work and its smooth functioning within the body. 

Benefits of Oil Enema

Being one of the Panchakarma enema Anuvaasan has various benefits as well. Let us have a glance at the numerous fringes of this therapy:

  • The therapy is beneficial for people experiencing stones in the kidney.
  • Helpful for diabetic patients.
  • Any kind of reproductive disorders is healed with the help of Anuvaasan.
  • The therapy is reproductive for anemia patients too.
  • Obese people find the ayurvedic remedy as helpful too.
  • It is also helpful to clean bowel movements.
  • One of the perfect remedies to heal constipation.
  • Appropriately manages Vata Dosha.
  • Ideal for paralytic patients.
  • Safe and productive to cleanse and detoxify our body naturally.

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