What is Nasyam and its benefits in Ayurveda?

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What is Nasyam in Ayurveda? What are its Benefits?

We all are acquainted about the benefits of Ayurveda as well as its every minute practices. The maximum population of India is fond of Ayurveda and all the forms of herbal medicines used in its procedure. They are beneficial for our body and do not prove to be harmful. Hence people these days not only in India but all around the world are adapting to Ayurveda. 

People are trying to avoid surgeries, chemical treatments, and intake of harmful medicines to avoid any form of disturbance of balance in the body. Hence it is useful to know the importance of Ayurveda and the benefits derived from it as well. This natural science can teach one to even use the simplest and the most easily available kitchen ingredients and turn it into a useful enough medicine for our body. 

Introduction to Nasyam

Nasyam is one among the Panchakarma therapy. Its main aim is to clear out our nasal passage for healthy and easy breathing. Our nasal passage is the way to our nervous system as well. Hence it is necessary to keep our nasal passage healthy and active. Nasyam therapy helps one to keep this passage healthy and free of any kind of blockages. It helps to remove the toxins from the region of our head and keep our ear, nose, and throat free of accumulated toxins. 

People suffering from cold or cough, or even a severe headache or a migraine find this therapy helpful and useful. There are many other health benefits of this therapy. Nasyam being one of the popular therapies of Panchakarma should be practiced by a professional or the person who is practicing it for many years. It helps one to heal internally and get rid of all kind of disturbing blockages. Therefore it is necessary to practice the therapy accurately to avail maximum of the advantage. 

Procedure to perform Nasyam

Let us have a look at the procedure to perform Nasyam correctly. In the beginning stage, the whole body inclusive of the face is massaged with herbal oils. The face is then given steam to open the clogged pores. It is ensured that the body is made to rest on the support of the back with legs a bit higher and head slightly in a downward position. It allows easing the therapy. Later the drops of herbal oil are dropped in the nasal passage of the individual. It helps to clear out the blockages in the nasal passage. Our nasal passage is also one of the ways to connect to our nervous system. Hence looking after its health and clearing of blockages and toxins is equally important. 

Benefits of Nasyam

Let us also have a glance on the fringes of this therapy:

  • It helps one to aid in proper hair growth and ceasing the hair fall.
  • Helps in activating sensory organs.
  • Eliminates the disorders caused due to our head region.
  • Helps to maintain our ear, eye, and nose health.
  • Ceases early hair graying.
  • Heals severe headache and migraine.
  • Helps to overcome paralysis.
  • Heals early aging signs.
  • Clears the nasal passage caused due to mucus.
  • Allows one to breathe easily, free of blockages.
  • Nasyam is a helpful therapy to heal allergies, sinus, headaches, migraines, and treat hair fall.

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