What is Vamanam in Ayurveda? What are its Benefits?

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Ayurveda is full of helpful and amazing remedies. May the injury be internal or external it has always helped to heal one with its amazing and jaw-dropping properties. It has always helped one to get rid of any kind of problem or health disorder. We all face health disorders due to various reasons such as improper lifestyle, improper health schedule, incorrect food, and environmental reasons as well. Hence to maintain a healthy body and a perfect lifestyle one needs to be keen about the food consumed and the proper way to lead a lifestyle.

Introduction to Vamanam in Ayurveda

Vamanam, also known as Vamana, is one of the five procedures of Panchakarma. For detailed information about Panchakarma one can have a look at the mentioned link, https://www.ayurspace.com/blogs/articles/what-is-panchakarma-in-ayurveda-why-it-is-most-talked-about. It is a procedure in which one can get rid of various respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders through the oral procedure. It is one among the helpful practices for our body as it helps an individual to get rid of a congested chest, cold, and cough. It is a practice in Ayurveda to release toxins from the body which may prove harmful for an individual.

Vamanam is an extremely helpful and useful procedure in case of cold and cough which gets accumulated in the chest makes one feel heavy and uncomfortable to carry out the casual routine and daily work. It is being practiced in Ayurveda since ancient years and is considered as a better alternative rather than consumption of medicines to suppress the symptoms and factors of cold and cough.

Procedure of Vamanam

Let us have a look at the procedure of Vamanam:

To practice Vamanam one is advised to consume food items such as sweet, rice, yogurt, etc the night before the practice of Vamanam. These food items help one to induce vomit and forcefully emit it out along with various toxins of the body with the help of a force. It helps one to emit all the harmful and unwanted elements of the body through the oral procedure.  

Benefits of Vamanam

Let us also have a glance at the benefits of this essential ayurvedic practice

Vamanam helps one to get rid of cold and cough accumulated in the body through the oral way. It is also an ayurvedic way to eliminate all the harmful toxins from the body to protect it from various kinds of disorders. It is also a helpful process to clear out our appetite and improve it. The impurities accumulated inside our body clears out easily with the help of this supportive ayurvedic practice. Vamana is one among the best and natural remedies to clear the cold and cough blocked in our chest making it heavy and uncomfortable to breathe for an individual.

 People suffering from asthma should try this procedure as it helps them to get rid of all the harmful toxins that act as a blockage in the respiratory tract and creating as a discomfort in the breathing procedure. The studies have also found out that Vamanam is also a curable measure in case of psoriasis. It is considered as a remedy to lower the cholesterol level proving to lower the fats of the body as well.


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