What is Virechanam in Ayurveda? What are its Benefits?

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Ayurveda, one of the most influential and discussed studies is a treasure box of home remedies. It has the solution to every problem brought up by an individual. May the problem be internal or external, physical or mental, a long old skin problem, or a recently caught cold and flu, it has the answers to our every health disorder. Ayurveda is a deep study into which many of the people among us are engrossed and are helping us out in various ways. Ayurveda is a blessing for every individual in the form of purest of the medicines and the components available in our kitchen shelf as well.

Introduction to Virechanam

Virechanam is one of the steps in Panchkarma. For more detailed information on Panchakarma have a look on our Panchakarma blog, https://www.ayurspace.com/blogs/articles/what-is-panchakarma-in-ayurveda-why-it-is-most-talked-about. It is also a helpful procedure to remove pitta dosha from our body. It is done to cleanse and detoxify our body naturally without any chemical medications. It helps to clean our body which helps in its healthy and functional mechanism. Virechanam is a body purifying process through the anal route. There are various ways to cleanse our body in an ayurvedic manner, and Virechanam is one among them.

It is a natural and ayurvedic way to detoxify our body without the intake of any harmful or affecting toxins. It is also a helpful remedy to purify the dirt and chemicals accumulated in our gastrointestinal tract and clear it out. The main aim of Virechanam is to clean our abdomen and the gastrointestinal tract. The proper functioning of these organs is necessary as they help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and living.

Procedure of Virechanam

Virechanam is a procedure of removing the toxins accumulated in our body through the anal track. It involves giving the individual some herbal medicines which help to push the toxins towards the lower part of the abdomen. These toxins are further gushed out through the route of the anus. It helps in clearing out the harmful components in our body to keep it healthy and active. Virechanam is one of the procedures among Panchakarma and hence is healthy and fruitful for our body.

Benefits of Virechanam

Accounting benefits of Virechanam is just like counting water drops of a sea. They are uncountable and endless to define. Hence let us have a glance at some of the vital points about Virechanam which prove out to be healthy and highly visible.

  • It helps to clear out the intoxicating substances from our body.
  • It helps one to clear the abdomen and the gastrointestinal tract.
  • It helps to keep the abdomen healthy and free of harmful intoxicating substances.
  • Helpful to keep our appetite healthy and active.
  • One of the healthiest and natural ways to detoxify our body.
  • Helpful for patients suffering from piles.
  • Also helpful for people facing intestinal and digestion problems.
  • Beneficial in case of asthma, diabetes, or any intestinal problems.
  • Virechanam is also useful to treat nausea and severe headaches.


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