Wintergreen Oil: 20 Amazing Benefits, Uses and Recepies

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If you have reached this page, possibilities are that you already would have heard about the healing property of this oil to help relieve joint pains and muscle soreness. However, the beauty of this oil doesn’t just stop here but offers almost 20 amazing qualities to benefit from. Wintergreen oil is one out of 3 must have oil in every household.  Without further ado, let’s get into the details about the oil.

What is wintergreen oil? - Wintergreen plant’s history, origin, and common names

Wintergreen plant is a native of North America and Canada. It got its name from the fact that this category of plant remains green throughout the winter.

It is also known as Gaultheria plant, American Wintergreen, Teaberry, Checkerberry and Mountain tea. It bears red color berries and shiny fluffy leaves. Both of them are edible.

The oil is mostly extracted from the leaves. Native Americans have known its unique analgesic quality and therefore used to brew its leaves as a tea concoction to help relieve muscular pains, headaches, body ache etc.

The oil has also been used as a natural minty flavor in lots of food and cosmetic products like chewing gums and toothpaste.

But in today’s time, it is no more advisable to ingest wintergreen oil unless you have a medical prescription. Topical application is diluted form is only advisable. I have detailed more do’s and don’ts with regards to oil usage below.

The composition of wintergreen oil or Gaultheria Oil

Wintergreen oil (Gaultheria procumbens) contains a compound called methyl salicylate which accounts for almost 98% of the composition. Remaining composition contains gaultheriline, triacotane, ketone, alcohols etc.

The oil is steam distilled from its leaves. Interestingly, the main component of the oil methyl salicylate is only created when the plan leaves are soaked in warm water.

The glycoside within leaves reacts with warm water to form this compound which carries the same properties as aspirin.

How does wintergreen oil works? More than Just Pain Reliever.

Wintergreen oil is low in density and gets absorbed very quickly into the skin and the organ. Due to its therapeutic qualities,

it helps reduce inflammation, soreness of muscles, fever, indigestion, fatigue, and tiredness. It carries a strong minty aroma and flavor which is also used as a flavoring agent.

What is the difference between artificial and natural wintergreen oil?

Wintergreen oil is pale yellow or pinkish yellow in color with strong minty, sweet and fresh aroma.

Given its two major components, methyl salicylate (90%) and minty aroma, the oil is often chemically produced with just this one chemical component and artificial sell.

This synthetic oil can only be used for flavoring, printing, cleaning and as an ingredient in pain relievers. 

On the other hand, the natural and pure wintergreen oil will carry its complete healing qualities like analgesics, anti-inflammatory, diuretic etc. It is very important to always go for 100% pure wintergreen essential oil or 100% natural oil.

Where can I buy wintergreen oil?

You should buy wintergreen oil only from trusted websites or sources who sell 100% essential winter green only.

Also, before buying it is very important to know about the oils composition and usage to gain maximum benefits.


20 amazing Wintergreen Oil Benefits: 

Winter Green Oil offers numerous benefits known to mankind. Native Americas have been using this product for ages and with time, a lot of new uses of wintergreen oil has come into effect. 

1. Analgesic - Commonly used for arthritis and rheumatism.

Wintergreen oil aka gaultheria oil helps in joints and knee pains. Methyl salicylate present in the wintergreen oil works as aspirin and numbs the area on which it is applied.

Because it is a low-density oil, gaultheria oil aka wintergreen oil penetrates deeply into the skin and stimulates blood circulation helping blood flow across joints and muscles.

If you feel pain in joints and knees due to arthritis or rheumatism, then do a small massage application with the diluted oil (1 part wintergreen and 10 parts carrier oil) to help reduce the pain. Many of the regular pain relieving creams contain this oil as one of the active ingredients.

2. Stimulates blood circulations

The aesthetic property of this oil helps relived the pain and at the same time provides warmth to the muscles by penetrating deep inside.

One can cover the effective area with a warm towel to enhance its effects after a mild massage with the oil.

Warmth helps stressed muscles to open up and allows blood to flow without obstructions.

3. Natural Pain Reliever for Sore and inflamed Muscles

The oil has antispasmodic properties, which basically means that it helps to relieve involuntary spasm of muscles.

Along with analgesics properties, the wintergreen oil comes very effective in the treatment of muscular problems like cramps, sprains and respiratory issues like asthma.

4. Helps from in-Digestion & Flatulence

This oil is very effective in flatulence or indigestion. The carminative quality of this oil helps move the gas from and around the stomach.

One can simply rub a few drops of diluted wintergreen oil near belly area and it will expel gases bringing relief.

Also due to its antispasmodic property, it helps stomach muscles and colon to work smoothly.

5. Great for Skin and Hair

Wintergreen oil is great for hair and skin as it removes infection and bacteria or fungi on skin or scalp.

It is also very useful for removal of dandruff. Its astringent properties also help in keep acne and pimples at bay.

6. Help release tiredness and fatigue

Wintergreen has a very minty, strong fresh smell which helps in alleviating mood and stress.

One can simply apply the oil on temples and on the forehead for a calmer sensation and feelings. Even during fever or other medical tiredness, you can use it for sound sleep.

A lot of spas and lounges uses this oil for a soothing ambiance for its customers. Wintergreen can also be used during workouts or training sessions.

It helps get mindfulness and alertness. People with chronic fatigue syndrome should apply it with a carrier oil on neck and wrist for continuous breathing. Use it as diffuser oil in high activity areas.

7. Effective in Fever, Cold and flu treatment

We all know how effectively vaporub helps in cold and flu treatment. Wintergreen is an essential ingredient of these rubs.

As a home remedy, one can mix few drops of wintergreen with carrier oils like coconut or almonds and rub it over chest, nose, and forehead.

The application will help reduce pain, indigestions, breathing problem, fever and other common symptoms of cold and flu.

Do remember, this oil is toxic in nature, so should not be ingested. 

8. Anti-infection, Anti-bacterial and anti-viral

Wintergreen oil has anti-infection properties and it kills bacterias, fungi, viruses and other toxic contaminations. One can use wintergreen oil in floor cleaners, dishwashing or even for laundering.

This also a reason that it works well for hair and skin by dis-infecting them for any kind of pollutant and infections.

 9. Reduce Hunger Cravings

Mint is considered as an effective catalyst for hunger reduction and cravings. Many people prefer to take mint chewing gums or minty flavored beetle nuts to close their dinner rounds.

Wintergreen has equally effective and aromatic minty aroma/flavor. You can add few drops of wintergreen in your mouthwash and use it after your meals.

Do not surprised if you read wintergreen in the ingredients section of many available types of mouthwash.

10. Helps reduce a Headache

A headache can occur due to many reasons like fever, cold and cough, breathing issues, infection or tiredness. In all these scenarios wintergreen oil is a great solution.

Just rub few drops of wintergreen with a carrier oil on your forehead and massage gently. One can also add this oil in his or her hair oil to prolong benefits.

11. Treat Insect Bites

From native period, people are using wintergreen oil as antiseptic and pain reliever.

It helps in all kinds of insects bits, dog bites, wasp bites etc. One can go for this first aid even for a fungal infection or sore wound. Just be careful to not apply on open wounds.

12. Menstrual cramps and obstruction problems

Menstrual cramp is a common women problem. Run wintergreen diffused oil on legs and naval area to get relief from menstrual cramps and muscles spasms.

It also helps in blood circulation and opening any obstruction during blood flow. One can also use a warm bottle along with gentle massage to get the warm and soothing comforting feeling.

The oil helps relieve other effects of mensuration such as fatigue, headache pain, and soreness.

13. Kidney problems – Diuretic

Diuretics are basically medical pills to expel excess salt and water in the body. Wintergreen oil does the same.

It expels water and perspiration and improve the quantity or frequency of urination and thus allows the body to shed the high amount of toxins through urine.

It is very effective for people suffering from kidney problems and overhydration issues... 

14. Natural Air freshener

Use wintergreen to sanitize your house and freshen up with a strong springy mint aroma. One can use in a diffuser or in floor cleaner. It is a great booster for happy and active mood.

15. Great for Soothing Bath

Take few drops of wintergreen oil in your bathing water. It will help remove the infection and lighten up the muscles. A warm bath will also help in relaxation after a tiring day.

16. Used in Oral Care products

Toothpaste and mouthwashes are very first products that use wintergreen oil very commonly.

Not just it provided great freshness but also helps in fighting bacterial infection, cavities, and plaque. Make your own mouthwash by adding few drops of wintergreen oil in purified water.

Use this mouthwash along with other healthy teeth habits like tongue scrapping and oil pulling. 

17. Natural flavor commonly used in food & beauty products

Flavoring industry has been fascinated by its aroma and minty flavor.

Commonly used food items for freshness, beauty products like face packs and toners and also in oral care products.

18. Fine art printing application

For high-quality printing like hot press watercolor, printer wintergreen is used to transfer the image from a color photo to color laser printers.

The oil is layered over the base print and then pressed into the required printing paper or rag to transfer the print

19. To remove seawater corrosion

Wintergreen oil cut through seawater corrosion and gradually disintegrates it. Old American ship industry uses to rely on this oil for major cleaning.

20. Biodegradable Machine Parts Cleaner

Wintergreen work as effective non-toxic and biodegradable solution to clean dirt, grease, and lube on machines. They are also available in markets as vegetable-based cleaners.

How to use wintergreen essential oil? Tips and Wintergreen Oil Recipes

  1. Use wintergreen oil in the diffuser to get rid of bad stinks and add freshness to the ambiance.
  2. Mix 2 -3 drops of wintergreen oil in hair or face pack. It stimulates blood flow and removes the infection
  3. Add few drops in hair oil and massage oil for daily application. Rub the oil and massage gently.
  4. Use few drops in cleaning, washing, and bathing for anti-infection.
  5. Make wintergreen rub by adding it into coconut or almond oil.
  6. Mix this oil with Water and can also spray on small home plants to fight fungal infection on leaves.
  7. Apply it on temple and wrist for mood alleviation.
  8. Wintergreen is considered to be backyard medicine. Common wintergreen oil recipe is to massage it in diluted form, gently on sore joints and muscles for relief. 

Side effects of wintergreen

  1. It is toxic for ingestion.
  2. Keep away from children’s.
  3. Do not use when pregnant or lactating.
  4. Never apply on open wound

How to dilute Wintergreen Essential Oil?

Wintergreen oil blends well with almond oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil and sesame oil. The usual mix should be 1 part wintergreen and 10 part oil.

Is wintergreen oil safe? Interactions & Dosage

Wintergreen oil is very safe except it should not be ingested. Rest can be used safely like any other essential oils. Always buy pure and 100% natural oil only and use it in diluted form.

Wintergreen oil is one of the oil from must have 3 oils in daily life. Its benefits are huge and go long in healing humankind. Let’s begin with experiencing the many benefits of wintergreen oil from today.

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