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Kimchi Recipe – Perfect Probiotic Food

Posted by Deepti Ohdar on

Term Probiotic is catching up fast. And you will hear the general advice of adding probiotic drinks or food with every meal or at least once a day.  Won’t it be better if we know just one easy food recipe that does all and offers taste too? Kimchi is a Korean recipe which is more like a classy version of the salad. Kimchi is made by fermentation which actually leads to the building of pr0biotic bacteria’s in the food. The sweet and sour taste of kimchi is worth making it. Here is a quick recipe for homemade kimchi. Prepare Vegetables Get...

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Ashwagandha Capsules - When to take? Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

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Ashwagandha - An Indian Ginseng to fight all signs of agings and fatigue. Rejuvenates mind and body. Also, helps in recovery from longtime ailments. Benefits | Side Effects | Dosage | Do’s-Don’ts | Symptoms | FAQ | History-Facts  Benefits of Ashawagandha Capsules 1. Ashwagandha as Anti - Ageing: Ageing is combined effect of time, stress and deteriorating bodily strength. Ashwagandha increases body strength and adds nutrient to individual body cell which rejuvenates the skin and other aging symptoms. Daily usage of the medicine keeps aging at a distance. A graceful aging is something this medicine promises. 2. Ashwagandha for Sexual...

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