Acne & Pimples

Acne and pimples usually occur at the age of adolescence and can continue for fairly long depending upon the individual differences. Medically speaking, acne or pimples cannot be called as the disease but a condition that affects the skin through the appearance of lesions that could vary. This condition affects mostly the skin and neck region and in some individuals the acne and pimples could get widespread to chest, shoulders and back also. There is no harm done through the development of the pimples but the personality is of course affected for the bad. Young individuals get concerned about their looks!

Possible Causes of pimples and acne

The actual cause of acne and pimples is not known; however, the researches have related these to the combination of the superficial and internal processes. During the puberty, the secretion of the hormones, particularly the androgens is increased in all the boys and girls. This causes the hyperactivity of the sebum glands in the skin that begin to secrete more sebum. There is no harm from this enhanced sebum secretion but the fact is that this sebum remains at the skin as an oily layer, allows the dirt to stick to it and thus the pores are clogged. In some time bacteria thrives in these dirt clogged pores, causing inflammation and redness. This is called as acne and pimples.

The symptoms

Acne and pimples are in itself the symptoms that are visible clearly on the skin. The face and neck regions are mostly affected and there is development of lesions that depict redness & inflammation. Sometimes these lesions get filled with pus due to the immunity responses in the body. This further increases the swelling and pain is also produced. Black heads are also counted in the same category and these depict the accumulation of the dead skin cells and bacteria in the pores. The acne and pimples if left unattended for long generally subside by self and get crunched to form the black heads.

How is Ayurveda helpful in the control of acne and pimples?

Ayurveda is the science of using medicinal herbs of special value to offer relief in diversity of diseases and med conditions. In case of acne and pimples also, Ayurveda is helpful through the topical applications as also the internal medicines. Many over the counter formulations are available for direct relief. The strategy attempted through Ayurveda is to clear the pores and thus keep them free from the bacteria which cause inflammation and lesions. Various herbs do the task in the desired manner without harming the skin cells.

The herbs in Ayurveda for the treatment of acne and pimples

Neem – this is one of best natural anti bacterial agents and works wonders for pimples and acne.

Honey and lemon juice mixture – honey and lemon juice combination is considered good for deep cleansing of the pores.

Cinnamon paste – it kills the bacterial growth in the skin pores.

Basil/Tulasi – a miracle herb in Ayurvedic science, this controls the bacterial growth and keeps skin fresh and clean.

Mint – mint is skin rejuvenator and also cancels out excess sebum that gets accumulated.

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