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AJA Kokum Butter-250g

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Kokum Butter also is known as 'Garcinia Indica' and 'Vrikshamla' in ayurvedic terms is one of the healthy components for our skin. The triglyceride level of kokum butter is high which makes it a perfect moisturizer for the skin and also a vital ingredient for various other purposes. Kokum butter is derived from the kokum seed which is refined and at the first stage, the kokum oil is extracted from the seeds which are further processed into the formation of butter. This edible butter can be used for various other purposes.


Let us have a glance at some of the health benefits of kokum butter for our skin:


  1. Perfect Lip Moisturizer

Our lips have the most delicate and thin skin. Hence it needs utmost care. Our lips easily get chapped and dry due to the pollutants present in the environment around us. Kokum butter consists of high fatty elements that help to keep our lips nourished and moisturized. It heals the skin of our lips and makes them soft and supple. It also helps to enhance the texture and tint of our skin.


  1. Heals Fissures and Cracks of the skin

Our skin gets dry and undernourished due to the unhealthy environment we are living in. Hence it can lead to various skin issues such as dry skin, irritated skin, cracks, fissures, and many other skin problems. We often notice cracks and fissures on our feet in winters. Kokum butter is the best moisturizer due to its high triglyceride level. It helps to heal the cracked and uneven skin. One of the best advantages of kokum butter is it immediately melts on the skin once applied. Hence it proves to one of the best natural ingredients for our skin.


  1. Camouflages Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are another skin issue in the list of common skin problems. It ruins the overall appearance of the skin. One of the major reasons for stretch marks is pregnancy and low elasticity of the skin. The high fatty acids present in kokum butter helps to moisturize the skin which improves the skin elasticity. A smooth, soft, and supple skin help to avoid wrinkles and stretch marks. Therefore kokum butter is proved to be one of the natural skin butter helpful for the skin.


There are various other benefits of kokum butter. It is also proved to be helpful for our health and issues related to our health as well. Let us have a look at some of the health benefits of this essential butter:



  1. Heals Constipation

Improper diet and an imbalance in it lead to improper bowel movements also known as constipation. The cleansing property of kokum helps to improve our digestive system which helps to heal constipation. Hence it is one of the best ingredients to improve the bowel movements and keep them healthy. It is also one of the helpful Ayurvedic ingredients used since ancient times to heal various other stomach disorders.


  1. Helpful for Digestive Problems

Kokum has been used since ancient times to heal various health issues. Kokum is helpful in the preparation of Hingvadi Churan which helps to heal stomach disorders. Imbalance in our diet leads to a disturbed digestive system hence this churan made from kokum helps to cure digestive problems. The churan is herbal and hence has no side-effects as well. It also helps to cure bloating which is one of the common health issues faced by people these days.


Along with being helpful for skin kokum butter is also considered to be essential for our hair. Let us have a look at some of the important facts about this healthy butter for our hair:


  1. Aids Hair Growth

Hair growth may get stunt due to various reasons. Therefore it is considered to be an essential ingredient to cure hair issues. Hair growth is an issue faced by many people. One of the main causes of this issue is unhealthy hair quality. Kokum butter is helpful to strengthen hair from the roots hence it improves the hair quality. The high fatty acids present in the kokum butter helps to keep the scalp moisturized which keeps dandruff at a bay.


  1. Healthy Hair Conditioner

Conditioning is also an essential step for our hair. A simple rub of kokum butter on hair is one of the best natural components to condition our hair. It also helps to avoid frizz and cure uneven hair texture. Kokum butter is also a natural ingredient for smooth, shiny and manageable hair.  

Manufacturer: Ayur Space, 24/157 Shakti Nagar G.T. Karnal Road Delhi : 110007, India