Ayurvedic Medicine for Alcoholism

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Different types of causes have been implicated in the addiction that is developed towards alcohol. Sometimes people give in to their addiction and this leads to damage of their body parts as well as social and familial problems. Even though people try to leave his habit, they are not able to. Some even go into relapse after de-addiction therapy. But, ayurvedic medicine for alcohol addiction seems to work quite effectively because of various reasons. Since there is multi-organ involvement in this type of addiction, it is important to address various issues when such a target is being sought. So, there are multiple ingredients, which can be used by people to get relief from their addiction to alcohol.

Some home remedies using coriander, yogurt, capsicum, and sugar have been used as an antioxidant when there is alcohol intake. But, the ayurvedic ingredients which actually help in getting rid of alcohol habit are sankhapuspi, kanphool, ashwagandha, and jatamansi. The latter is also helpful in improving sleep. Liver functions can be improved by having aloe vera, kutki, long pepper, and tulsi. There are various other ayurvedic drugs to improve overall body functions. By taking such medicines, people feel refreshed and rejuvenated after alcohol and also try to avoid the drink. But, the most important feature in such type of addiction is the will power to not have drinks in any form and refrain from the addiction.

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