Ayurvedic Medicine for Anti Smoking

Even if they want, nicotine and tobacco users find it difficult to shake off the habit of smoking. The urge from the reward center in the brain can be quite big. This is considered to be caused by some stress factors in the body system as per the ayurvedic system of medicine. So, Patanjali medicine for smoking could be used for stress and thereby to relieve the urge to take further nicotine. Along with various other means, there are some ingredients, which can be effectively used to stop the use of cigarettes. These ingredients in ayurvedic medicine for smokers can be very useful. People should also consume adequate water, perform the process of neti kriya, do pranayama and eat Triphala. These procedures are supposed to remove the pitta dosa that is responsible for craving and reward center.

Ayurvedic ingredients for the cessation of smoking are Shatavari, Ashwagandha, ginseng, and Triphala, which help in removing the inner toxins. Along with the regular use of these ingredients, people should also have the will power and perform yoga for health benefits. It would be good enough for them to rejuvenate the body and spend time with their loved ones to keep the craving and addiction at bay.