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Dama Buti Churan - Pack of 2

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Dama Buti Churna - Ayurvedic Medicine for Bronchitis, Allergy & Asthma

Dama Buti Churna is an ayurvedic medicine that helps in healing the entire respiratory tract, throat and lungs. It works in synergy with the body to remove harmful pathogens from the respiratory system. Dama Buti Churna is particularly effective against the allergic reaction of environmental pollution. It is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for asthma.

With every breath of dirty air around us, we expose our lungs and respiratory tract to air pollutants, pollens, and other pathogens. This uncontrollable exposure to air pollution can worsen an already existing respiratory illness or can trigger new cases of bronchitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease etc.  Air pollutants also negatively and significantly harm lung development, creating an additional risk factor for developing lung diseases later in life.

Dama Buti churna works on the cellular level to undo all the damage to the lungs through allergens and pollutants. It improves the functioning of bronchial tubes that helps in better removal of congestion. Further, it leads to better blood circulation & oxygen absorption in the lungs thus improving overall health. It is recommended for asthma treatment in ayurveda.

Advantages of Dama Buti Churna

  • Repairs lungs tissues & enhances blood circulation
  • Improves oxygen absorption
  • Improves the functioning of Bronchi & Bronchial tubes that helps in removing congestion
  • Helps in better breathing
  • Reduces the allergic reaction of environmental pollution
  • Useful in an acute asthma attack

Contents of Dama Buti Churna

  •         Kakada Singi Pistacia Integerrima
  •         Somlata (Sarocostemma Brevistigmn)
  •         Vasa (Adhatoda Vassica)
  •         Abhrak Bhasma
  •         Sphatika Bhasma (Aueminium Sulphas)
  •         Mallasindoor
  •         Tankan Bhasma
  •         Pushkarmool (Inula Racemose)
  •         Haldi Churna fried in Ghee (Cursuma Domestica)
  •         Kooth (Saussurea Lappo
  •         Peepal (Piperlongum)

Manufacturer: Rajasthan Herbals, RAPL House,, Opp MTNL Office, S.V. Road, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai – 400102