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Dhumari Churna

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Dhumari Churna, ayurvedic medicine for anti-smoking,  treats habitual addictions of all types of smoking cigarettes or taking of nicotine products like Tobacco, Zarda, Gutkha etc.

This helpful and herbal powder helps a person to get de-addicted from smoking and consumption of nicotine. The powder helps an addicted person to get relieved from the craving of nicotine. Smoking hardens the arteries which creates a barrier in the health of a person.

Dhumari Churna acts as a cleaning-agent to clean the toxins accumulated within the body because of nicotine.

The herbal components of Churna such as Triphala, Halu, Kali Mirch, and various other contents make it safe for use. 

No side effects found for this product. 

Dosage: Daily one pouch after mixing it with any type of food or after having nicotine.

One can mix the pouch with any eatable, in case one wants to hide it from the patient. There are side effects and gradually the anxiety towards having nicotine will reduce and will end over a period of 3 - 6 months, as per individual. 

Each dose contains:

Soya 64%

Vidarikand 32%

Jyotishmati 2%

Haritaki 0.75%

Amalki 0.75%

Bhibhitaki 0.50%

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