Asthiposhak tablets

Asthiposhak tablets

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Asthiposhak tablet is an ayurvedic herbal and effective medicine for treating hair loss and cracked nails as it helps convert the calcium in the main ingredient called kukkutandatyak bhasma into asthi that is bone tissue. It is a good way to fill in the calcium deficiency the natural way and is very good for menopausal women. Asthiposhak as the name suggests makes the asthi powerful to the core and thus gives the person a new lease of life.

Manufacturing Company: DhutPapeshwar

Packaging: Each bottle Asthiposhak contains 30 tablets.

Symptoms/When to use/indications: Old age and menopausal related osteoporosis, premature graying of hair, calcium deficiency during pregnancy, hair fall and other bone and tissue related symptoms

Usage/Benefits: Asthiposhak is an excellent remedy for giving the body necessary calcium the natural way and thus strengthening the bones for a better tomorrow as if the bone remain healthy then the prevalent problems of joint pain and knee pain will not bother anyone. Here are some more benefits of the medicine:  Boosts proper functioning of bones as it strengthens the bone.  Helps in alleviating knee and joint pain.  Good for menopausal women as they have low levels of calcium and body also becomes sluggish to absorb much calcium from food.  Helps in treating hair fall and cracked nails.  Helps in treating premature graying of hair.

Dosage: 1-2 tablets twice or thrice daily with milk. Take it for about for 3 months or so to see the maximum benefits.

Side effects: No known side effects but children, pregnant and lactating mothers must take it under medical supervision. Take the medicine till the prescribed time.

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