Anal Fissure

An anal fissure is a condition that is manifested as the development of cracks and tears in the anus as also the anal canal. These are the physical conditions that could be due to any traumatic injury which could be aggravated by the development of secondary infections also; especially if left untreated. These are most painful and the person suffers moderate to high pain during the bowels. Additionally, itching could also be present as a persistent symptom. Other internal conditions relating to the alimentary canal are also responsible for the generation and aggravation of anal fissures.


The causes of anal fissures –


Anal fissures could be caused due to the specific trauma like the through the movement of the hard bowels in the anal canal. This is a common condition with the persons suffering from chronic constipation. The movement of the hard bowel could cause the tearing of the inner lining (anoderm) of the anal canal. In most cases, the tissue so damaged gets automatically cured; however, if the trauma continues repeatedly then chronic fissures could develop that get painful. Other diseases and conditions in the body like the presence of excess acid in the anal canal could deteriorate the condition.


The symptoms of anal fissures


The two most common symptoms of anal fissures are the pain and itching that are mostly experienced during the bowels movement. Often the sufferer neglects these two symptoms as the pain subsides after the excretion. The condition of constipation aggravates the fissures problem. The hardened stools as these passes down the anal canal cause more tear of the damaged tissues. When the pain increases beyond a value then physical examination reveals the extent of damages. Often bleeding is seen in the worsened condition of anal fissures.


How can Ayurveda help in anal fissures?


Ayurveda has time-tested and proven therapy for treatment of anal fissures. The Kshara karm involves the application of the mixture of Ayurvedic healing oils through the use of index fingers. While this is a generic process of the applicative type, Ayurveda also attempts to make the corrections in the underlying processes that are responsible for the development or aggravation of the fissures condition. Through the use of authentic herbs, the condition of constipation is tried to be relieved. This reduces the chances of trauma and ensures the healing process in a swift manner.


The Ayurveda herbs for the treatment of anal fissures –


Amla – Amla also known as the Indian gooseberry is very effective in calming the internal enhanced acidity and allied burning symptoms of the anal canal. Continuous use of this makes a great impact in relieving the anal canal of the constipation characteristics also.

Haritaki – this offers relief in the gastrointestinal ailments that are very much responsible for the development of constipation.

Vibhitaki – it is an essential ingredient of Triphala that is used to cure constipation.

Guggul – known for its antioxidant properties and calming effects.

Neem – fine anti-germ agent and cleanses the blood of its toxins.