Arrest Your Aging With The Miracle Herbs In Ayurveda


Aging is a generic and inevitable phenomenon and everyone is bound to adhere to it and its fallouts of entire diversity. However, due to the changing lifestyles and perceptions, people have got engaged in the swift timelines and have to meet the deadlines at every step. These patterns of modern life create stress and ripples in psychological behaviors. While of course more money is being earned by us, there is unsought fallout also which is aging before time. This happens because the body burns out at more than required rates. While the internal symptoms may not be manifested clearly all the times and in all individuals, our face and particularly the skin shows up maximum and earliest of the symptoms of aging. These could be fine lines and wrinkles as also dark circles.


The causes that work in premature aging –


We already noted the broad causes of premature aging in the modern generations. However, the researches done in the last two to three decades have established the phenomena that run into our biochemistries and more particularly the hormonal system inside our body. Free radicals have been found responsible for the swift and premature aging of the body. These free radicals are a direct function of the psychological and physical stressors that we live with. More the free radicals faster would be the aging process. The role played in antagonism to the free radicals is that of the antioxidants which have got less due to unhealthy lifestyles and food habits.


The symptoms of premature aging –


The symptoms are generic types and as stated every human experience them; the only difference is that these symptoms appear at the later ages as a normal process. In premature aging, these symptoms are unsought. People do not like the fine lines and wrinkles at their face and neck at an age as early as 35! The skin loses much of its sheen and youthfulness and turns out pale. The hairs get dull and develop roughness as also get gray at an early age. These are the manifested symptoms of aging at an early age. The internal symptoms remain hidden and develop as the weaknesses in later ages like 40 – 45.


How can Ayurveda help in preventing the premature aging?


Ayurveda has great assistance to offer against the premature aging. Wholesome rejuvenations could be had through the use of miracle herbs and complexes offered in Ayurveda. The main emphasis is to improve the concentration of the antioxidants in the body. This alone is the best parameter for countering the aging process. The free radicals are canceled out by the antioxidants and the aging is stopped immediately. Some herbs and vitamins like Vitamin C & E have high concentrations of antioxidants.

 The herbs of Ayurveda to curb premature aging –

 Indian gooseberry 

  • Brahmi
  • Ginger
  • Rosemary
  • Liqorice
  • Turmeric
  • Pomegranate
  • Neem


All these offer a rich source of antioxidants that effectively counter the free radicals.