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Aroghyavardhani Vati is known for its benefits especially to liver. Made from ingredients such as Shudh (Gandhak, Para and Shilajeet), Bhasm (Abhrak and Loh), Amla, Kutki and Baheda, this product promotes a healthy digestive system as well as promoting balance and maintaining the liver function. For skin care purposes, this is also a very good herbal product as well has the potential to treat acne. Arogyavardhini Vati is also known for treatment of all kinds of skin related problems as it is concocted from the choicest of specific Ayurvedic herbs and helps in treating skin disorders, from temporary ones to chronic problems. The product also helps to purify blood in a natural manner.

Manufacturing Company: Vyas

Packaging: One bottle contains 100 tabs.

Symptoms/When to use/indications: The product is to be used for the following indications: jaundice, Leprosy, obesity, indigestion, liver disorders, dyspepsia, anaemia, jalodar, dropsy, fever, edema, hepatic disorders, lack of appetite, irregular bowls, skin diseases, constipation, congestion of liver and enlargement of spleen.

Usage/Benefits: The product helps to remove toxins from the liver or fatty liver andfor clearing the accumulated bile, which the most common cause of jaundice. It acts as a good appetizer. It can relieve any kind of hepatitis e.g. A, B, C and others. Liver cirrhosis and peptic disorders are also controlled when the product is used. It can also give relief from skin diseases, infestations of worms in body. Moreover, it helps to boost the immune system and to keep anemia, constipation and heart diseases at bay.

Dosage: As prescribed by the physician, 1-2 tabs twice a day. These must be consumed with fresh water only after meals.

Side effects: A very few side effects such as mild stomachaches, nausea, loss of appetite and rashes have been reported with this product on some persons. It’s advised to go for this medication under guidance and supervision.

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