Ayurvedic Treatment for Artery Blockages

Artery blockage refers to the deposition of the plaque on the inner walls of the arteries. This is also known as atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease which becomes the pre condition for the heart attack. While artery blockage affects the entire body, those occurring in the coronary arteries cause the reduced supply of oxygenated blood to the heart itself and thus the stroke occurs. The deposition of this plaque is very slow and could continue unnoticed for year’s even decades within the arteries of the person. A major part of this plaque is cholesterol as also calcium in the blood flow. Statins are given as the cholesterol buster; however, Ayurveda also offers effective cure!

Possible causes of artery blockages

In many cases, it could be genetic while in other cases, individual biochemical factors induced through external food and/or psychological stress has been found equally potent determinants. It is a condition fast spreading throughout the world and people are developing the heart blockages of varying degrees even at a young age due to unhealthy food and increased stress. The walls of the arteries are very supple and clean in the child age but the sticky constituents start to cling to them slowly. Once a primary layer is formed, the process of thickening is a continuous one. Cholesterol, proteins, lipids and calcium have the maximum tendency to stick to the walls. If the concentration of these components is high in diets than the deposition would be also fast.

The symptoms of artery blockages

  • A heart is fundamentally linked to blood flow and hence the supply of oxygen. Any aberration in this supply due to artery blockages also manifests into shortness of breath due to the improper oxygen reaching to the organs.
  • Irregular heart beating is also often experienced by the persons with arterial blockages. Sometimes faster heart beat could be experienced or skipped type heart beats could also be there.
  • Sweating, weakness, dizziness and nausea are also the symptoms of heart blockages.

How can Ayurveda help with this condition of artery blockages?

Ayurveda can work at the root causes to secure relief and rejuvenation. The well proven and authentic process of Panchakarma can be performed to purify the body of all the undesirable components. The body behaves in a healthy manner and the materials that have the tendency to get deposited as plaque on the inner walls of arteries are actually eliminated from the body. Ayurveda also offers a host of fine herbs that can offer to clear the blockages.

Ayurveda herbs to clear artery blockages –

Arjuna – the bark of arjuna tree is very helpful in relieving the artery blockages and treatment of coronary heart disease.

Cinnamon – a common spice in India, it strengthens the heart muscles and lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Ashwagandha – it is known for its fine rejuvenating properties and strengthens the heart.

Brahmi – a potent vitalizer for mind and body, it works to rejuvenate the heart!

Boerhavia Diffusa – a Himalayan herb used to treat different heart ailments.