Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition characterized by the inflammation and pain in the bone joints in the body. There could be as many as 200 such conditions that are clubbed under arthritis. Arthritis affects the locomotor and all types of movements of the body. The aberration could be moderate to severe, depending upon the concentration of factors responsible for this condition. The inflammation of the cartilage or the bone is the main reason behind the development of pain and persistent aching symptoms. This could develop slowly due to deficiencies or immune responses or could be also because of the injuries in the bone joints.

Possible causes of arthritis

The causes of arthritis could be many. Injury has been linked to cause arthritis due to high damage and consequent inflammation of the connective tissue in the bone joint. This being the external trauma could be treated with medicines and sophisticated surgeries over time.

In most cases, arthritis conditions are due to the internal factors that could be diets/deficiencies and also the immune responses towards the bone connective tissues. Deficiencies of essential nutrients that condition the health of bone joints leads to loss of vitality in the joint and the person manifests symptoms at later age, generally post 40! Additionally, in rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system attacks the connective tissue as an unsought result! This causes the inflammation and resultant pain in the joints of body.

Infections could also be a cause of arthritis and the pathogen could cause inflammation of the connective tissue.

Many people have a family history of arthritis and they inherit the condition.

The symptoms of arthritis

The most common symptoms include –

Pain – pain is the most common and almost inseparable symptom of this disease. This pain could develop in stages starting from little to moderate to severe. In traumatic injury to connective tissue, the pain is immediate.

Swelling – swelling of the connective tissue is the integral dimension of arthritis. This is the reason for pain. Swelling in severe case could be manifested superficially also in the surrounding muscles.

Stiffness of the joints – the joints get stiff and after remaining in one position, the person is unable to move quickly.

Locomotor disability of the limbs – locomotor movement is affected as the condition worsens with time and age.

How Ayurveda can help in arthritis?

Ayurveda offers assistance to the seeker by improving the overall health of bones, muscles, connective tissues and also increases the endurance. Fundamental Ayurvedic processes like panchkarma works to clear the body of the toxins that could trigger the unsought immune responses to cause arthritis. Besides, Ayurveda also offers host of finest herbs to cure the condition in an effective manner. These herbs strengthen and rejuvenate the connective tissues in the bone joints.

Top 5 Ayurvedic herbs to treat arthritis -

Amla – a natural rejuvenator, this works to offer high quantity of anti oxidants to keep the body healthy and thus improve the metabolism of nutrients.

Sonth – a fine anti inflammatory agent, it relieves the pain and internal swelling.

Giloy – acts as the moderator of immune system

Haritaki – improves the digestion and metabolism of nutrients

Agate & coral – these are used as the direct and pure sources of calcium