Asthma And Allergies

Asthma and allergies are caused as the unsought immune responses in the body which could be such intense so as to obstruct some of the fundamental processes of the body including the breathing. While allergies are broader in scope and can affect different regions like eyes, nasal passages, ear, throat & skin, asthma is a localized immune response in the bronchial passages in the lungs where exchange of the oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs. This exchange gets aberrated when the immune responses strike the region which is called as the asthma attack. Asthma could be thus called as an autoimmune disorder. It affects persons with all ages including children.


The causes of asthma


As stated, asthma is an auto immune disorder and hence there are yet no particularly established causes. Yet the diversity of correlations has been established through continued researches. The causes could be –

  • Allergens – allergens are the most common triggers for the asthmatic attacks as also the development of this condition over time. An individual could get conditioned against any specific allergen – dust mites, pollen, fragrances or others.
  • Pollution – pollution particles and gases are taken up as potentially harmful substances by the immune system which responds through constriction of bronchial passages.
  • Cold air – cold air is also held as an irritant and immune system responds severely with an attack
  • Exercise induced asthma – some people may get an attack through strong unusual exercise
  • Genetic or hereditary – in many individuals, asthma is derived through inheritance.
  • Strong emotions and stress situations – stressful situations could also induce asthma attack
  • GERD disease – gastro esophageal reflux disease also causes asthma


The symptoms of asthma –


The following are the common symptoms of asthma. The severity of these symptoms could increase as the asthma condition advances. 

  • Shortness of breath – due to constriction of the bronchial passages
  • Trouble in sleeping – due to improper breathing, mostly because of shortness of breath
  • Coughing and wheezing attacks – these could get worse with viral infections
  • Tightness feeling in the chest – advanced stage often presents tightness in the chest.
  • Wheezing while exhaling – children with asthma often exhibit wheezing


How Ayurveda can help in asthma?


Ayurveda can work to positively calm the immune system of the individual and thus reduce the asthma conditions. Ayurveda also offers proven processes to detoxify the body to allow it to get rid of its toxins that alter the immune responses. The immunity is thus improved and there are less of the undue responses towards the specific allergens. There are many herbs also in Ayurveda that offer to treat and pacify the condition of asthma.


The Ayurveda herbs to treat asthma –


  • Pippali – it acts as a decongestant and cleanser of the mucous. It also acts as the broncho dilator
  • Dalchini/ Cinnamon – a popular Indian spice, it acts to kill the germs in breathing tracts
  • Vanshlochan – curbs the formation of cough and keep the breathing passages clean
  • Neem – it is a fine anti germ agent and keeps the bacterial allergens at bay
  • Cardamom – acts as a pacifier and balances vata and kapha factors.