Baldness Gray Hair

Hair problems like baldness & graying are common these days and affect a large section of population around the world. People get overly concerned with these conditions as these affect their personalities for the bad. The cosmetics market is full of products that claim to offer the resurrections but most of the offers are null. Hair, as these look are actually the manifestations of the inner processes and biochemistries that run deep inside. These conditions cannot be called as the diseases of the hairs in any manner. Baldness could be full or partial depending upon the factors in individual case. Graying could be different in proportion for different persons.


The causes of baldness & gray hair - 


Baldness causes -


  • Hereditary – heredity is one of the leading causes of baldness. This condition is carried from one to other generation; males carry the hereditary characteristics prominently. 


  • Medications – illness and prolonged medications can cause generic imbalances in the body and sometimes the impacts could be also in the form of baldness. Chemotherapy also causes baldness.


  • Hormonal changes – hormonal changes in the early age (like 20s and 30s) could cause sudden hair loss and permanent baldness. Thyroid imbalances are also found as the potent determinants of baldness.


  • Infections – infections in the scalp like ring worm and others could cause hair loss. There could be complete or patchy baldness.


Gray hair causes –


Deficiency of nutrients causes decrease in hair nourishment. Stress is also a major determinant of the premature graying of hair. Stress sets in the imperfections in the biochemistries including the hormonal changes which affect the melanin products and retention. Heredity is also a factor!


Symptoms of baldness & gray hair –


Baldness easily manifests as a personality aberration. There could be complete baldness if the follicles are damaged. Sometimes, patches of baldness are caused like in case of infections.


Gray hair is also a visible symptom and could be partial or complete.


How Ayurveda can help against baldness and premature graying?


Ayurveda has host of herbs that can behave as the potent rejuvenators and vitalizers for the whole body. This generates internal health and hairs also get healthy. As for the hair growth and reversing the premature graying, Ayurvedic attempts to correct the imbalances of vata, pitta and kapha and thus helps the body to clear the toxins. With such detox, the body functions bounce up and overall rejuvenation is set in. This eliminates the root causes of the conditions like baldness and premature graying of hair.


The herbs in Ayurveda to cure baldness and graying –


  • Amla
  • Brahmi
  • Bringraj
  • Haritaki
  • Ghritkumari
  • Manjistha
  • Vibhitaki

Many of these herbs like amla and Brahmi act as the potent vitalizers and nourishing agents. These could also be taken orally or applied topically in the form of oils and lotions to rejuvenate the hair roots. Amla when taken orally aids the resurrections and corrections in pitta vikar that is many a time responsible for baldness. Kapha dosh is also regulated that is responsible for pre mature graying of hairs.