Myocure Heart Care Capsules Pack of 30 Tablets, Gemini Medicare

Myocure Heart Care Capsules Pack of 30 Tablets, Gemini Medicare

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Avoid bypass surgery with Myocure heart capsules

About Myocure heart capsules

Myocure is an ancient ayurvedic combination that is highly effective in restoring your heart to a healthy condition. It is an ayurvedic wonder medicine useful to avoid heart bypass surgery, Angina and other heart-related problems.
Myocure Heart care capsules contain herbs that dilates your heart tubes back to their normal form, lower lipids which stops Arteriosclerosis. It dissolves fibrous bands that hold Cholesterol & Triglycerides that causes degeneration of artery walls due to fatty deposits.
Myocure also helps in strengthening the heart muscles; it reduces Cholesterol and High BP, controls Diabetes & helps reduce weight.

Note: Myocure only works when you take very low amount of fats so that body can work along with the magic herbs to remove excess fats storage. Also heart disease is caused due to lifestyle disorder. So while you take Myocure as an ayurvedic medicine to restore normal heart functions, you must combine it with healthy lifestyle habits – such as avoiding meat & animal products, exercising or doing yoga regularly & avoiding tobacco & alcohol.

Advantages of Myocure Heart Care Ayurvedic medicine
• It helps in increases blood flow to the diseased arteries.
• It helps in relieving the chest pain and difficulty in breathing.
• It helps in relieving the symptoms with angina, and functional capacity of Heart.
• Myocure is the best alternative for those who cannot afford for heart bypass surgery or angioplasty.
• Myocure is safer and easier way of getting rid of heart problems

Myocure Heart Care Capsule Composition
Each Myocure Hear Care Capsule contains
Each soft Gelatin capsule of Myocure contains extract of:
Terminalia Arjun Bark 63mg
Hemedesmus indica root 24mg
PiperLongum Fruit 26mg
Rauwolfia Serpentia root 25mg
Rosa 36mg
Tinospora Cordifolia 24mg
Vasica 30mg
Three Myrobalans 36mg
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum 15mg
Tribulus Terrestris 21mg
Excipients q.s


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