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Namira Weight Gain Churan - Rajasthan Herbals-120gm

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I want to gain weight

To gain weight

Roshit Balan

Not feeling hungry and losing weight when i stopped this...why is it so?

I have doubt

My weight is 43 height 5.7 age 30.. I have one year old baby. May i have use this product.. During this feeding time..

Israr Ahmed
Whenever I Stop taking thig

Whenever I Stop taking this medicine
I never hungry and slowly my weight also lose
So what can I do next?
I am using this past one year.


I orderd 3 packets and i received it within 2 days.. But before 2 day i orderd again with payment and i didnt get any confirmation message and track details as pervious. I condact helpline but no response.

Namira Herbal Weight Gain: Ayurvedic Weight Gain Powder by Rajasthan Herbals

Increase 3 to 4 kgs with Namira Weight Gain Churna 

Namira Weight Gain Churna has no side effect and is safe to use  

Namira weight gain Churna – is a complete herbal formula made from ayurvedic medicines to help increase healthy body weight. This ayurvedic supplement for weight gain largely works by improving healthy appetite, increasing nutrient absorption in the body & balancing the digestive system. It is especially effective for hard gainers.

How does Namira Churna help gain weight?

Weight gain, in its simplest form, happens when you consume more calories than what your body burns. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR), plus the thermic effect of the foods you eat and Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) or Non-Exercise Physical Activity (NEPA) constitutes of total calories burnt by your body each day. It has been observed that skinny people or hard gainers have less appetite and a high metabolic rate (BMR).

Namira Churna – the best ayurvedic weight gain powder - helps slow down the metabolism (BMR) and enhances healthy appetite, leading to more consumption of calories. It makes up for the daily calorie deficit and thus offers a quick high-calorie solution.

Moreover, it also helps reduce the saturated fat content and provides vitamins, minerals, fat emulsifiers, and electrolytes. Overall, it helps support healthy body growth, improvement in the functioning of healthy organs, balancing the digestive system & metabolic activity as well as enhanced energy levels.

Product Details:

Age Group 18 yrs above
Color Natural Colour
Dried Yes
Form Powder
Packaging Type Pouch
Type Proteins
Type of Supplements Yes
Vegetarian Yes


Namira Weight Gain Churna Ingredients

  1. Shatavari (Aspargus Racemosa)
  2. Badam (Prunus Amygdalus)
  3. Jeevanti (Leptadenia Reticulata)
  4. Coconut (Cocos Nucifer)

How to use Namira Weight Gain Churna?

Twice a day – one pouch after breakfast and one after dinner every day with water

Namira Weight Gain Churna Side Effect

Namira weight gain churan is made of all-natural and healthy substances. There are no side effects of this ayurvedic medicine.
The patient can be given this medicine even in a situation he is suffering from any other disease.


There is no avoidance in the daily routine.


It helps to gain 3-4 kg within one month. It is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for weight gain in one month.


It is advised to combine Namira weight gain Churna with vegetables and fruits that are high in protein.

For better effect
Combine Namira Weight Gain Churna with healthy lifestyle habits & workouts such as cardio, weight lifting etc.

Manufacturer: Rajasthan Herbals, RAPL House,, Opp MTNL Office, S.V. Road, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai – 400102