Surari Silver Churna - Anti Alcohol Nicotine by Rajasthan Herbals

Surari Silver Churna

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Surari Churna treats habitual addictions of all types of Alcohol products like country liquor, beer, wine, rum, whiskey and nicotine products like smoke, caffeine, weed etc.

No side effects found for this product. 

Dosage: Daily one pouch after mixing it with any type of food or after having alcohol.

One can mix the pouch with any eatable, in case one wants to hide it from the patient. There are side effects and gradually the anxiety towards having nicotine will reduce and will end over a period of 3 - 6 months, as per individual. 




Soya 42.85%

Vidarikand 28.58%

Jyotishmati 7.15%

Haritaki 7.14%

Amalki 7.14%

Bhibhitaki 7.14%


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