The Charaka, has lately and continuing the work under the name as Charaka Samhita. The Acharya Charaka is an ancient period sage and an Ayurvedic doctor of around 4th century. Charaka was also known for his disciplined Yoga which has been practiced all around the world. Maharishi Charaka has always put the emphasis on meditation and the products produced by the company is also based on Ayurveda and also known as ' father of medicine'. They have prepared products for hair, skin and many health related diseases. More than medicines the Charaka Samhita teaches on how to treat yourself and your surrounding in all the four seasons.

The Maharishi Charaka said that it's more important to prevent the occurrence of the disease than finding a cure. The institution based in Hyderabad is the head office of this organisation. Most of the therapy sessions in Charaka Samhita is based on herbal care and Yoga.