Ayurvedic Medicine for Chronic Addiction

Being addicted to any particular drug or substance can be horrifying for oneself as well as for family and friends. Addiction is quite commonly seen in stressing environment and is considered a result of an imbalance in the pitta of the body. Such doshas, as recognized by Ayurveda, should be corrected in order to get relief from chronic addiction. The basic essence of de-addiction is to have restitution of the entire body, including the mind. Only when the mind and body are aligned and the energy flow is optimum, then only one can be relieved of this problem. To this extent, there is the ayurvedic medicine for chronic addiction, which when adopted, can help people in complete recovery without relapses.

  • Various modalities necessary in the approach to chronic addiction

Keeping the prana aligned and dosas removed helps in good recovery from chronic addiction. For this, pranayama yoga practice is considered by lots of people. Healing yoga is an important part of the therapy, where medicinal ingredients in Ayurveda can also be of additive value. Since a long time now, Ayurveda in de-addiction is being practiced and people are getting benefits out of such modalities of treatment. Panchakarma treatments are quite common, with detoxification being essential. Food intake should be properly monitored with almonds, sesame seeds, and ghee seen to exert beneficial effects. There are many herbs like ashwagandha, Brahmi, and spices, which are helpful as medicinal ingredients. Proper use of all the modalities can be extremely helpful for people with chronic substance addiction problems.

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