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Dhanwantri Lithorich Capsules - 90 cap

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Lithorich capsules are a strong antioxidant product for the kidney system. It helps to resolve all the complications related to kidney and urination. People suffering from various urine problems should try these capsules. It helps to heal various urinary problems such as infection in the urinary tract, burning sensation while urination, and so on. The capsules are completely ayurvedic and natural. Hence, they are safe to use without worries of any side-effects. The various other problems related to the kidney and the urination process is healed with the help of Lithorich capsules. The natural contents of capsules heal an individual in a natural and herbal way. Herbal contents such as Pashanbhedchurna Root, GokshuradiGuggulu, Chandraprabha, HajrulYahood Bhasma, Apamarga, Yavakshara, etc help to heal the various urinary problems.


Mainly the capsules are effective for problems related to the urination process, but they are also helpful in various other ways. Mentioned below are the other problems in which Lithorich capsules prove to be advantageous:

  • Various kidney problems
  • Burning sensation while urination
  • Urine retention
  • Itching and infection in the urinary tract
  • Urine stones
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal colic pain and pain in the lower portion of the back
  • Difficulty in urination
  • Urinary diseases
  • Worm infestation


There are numerous advantages of consuming these capsules they ensure that individuals suffering from urine complication feel relieved. The various other benefits derived from Lithorich capsules are precisely mentioned below:

  • Reduces the size of kidney stones, later breaks the stones and dissolves them
  • Helps free flow of urine
  • Lowers the burning sensation experienced while urinating
  • Reduces the itching and infection of the urinary tract
  • Reduces kidney infection and boosts its immunity
  • A strong antioxidant for kidney system


1-2 capsules with lukewarm water twice a day

Manufacturer: Dhanwantri, Heart Line, First floor, Plot No.24, Behind Sanjeevan ICU, Sadar bazar, satara - 415002