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Dhanwantri Pile Relief Cream-25gm

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very good

Name of the product itself clarifies the use of it. Pile Relief Cream is a medication mainly useful for problems caused by the anal ring due to piles and constipation. It helps to heal the wound the caused due to piles on the anal ring. The anal ring swollen due to piles leads to immense pain which makes it inconvenient for the affected individual to stay comfortably. Pile Relief Cream helps to heal the affected areas and soothes it. It helps to relieve pain instantly and works to heal up the wounds on the anal ring quickly. It also helps to stop bleeding caused due to the wound.


There are various other problems that accompany with piles. It causes discomfort to an individual in various other ways. Hence it soothes and heals the problems caused due to the ill-effect. The cream is an effective one and heals the wounds instantly.

The various other benefits derived from the cream are:

  • Pain caused in the anal ring
  • Inflammation in the anal area
  • Burning sensation
  • Fissure cracks
  • Fistula
  • Anal pain while passing the stool


Pile Relief Cream is herbal and a natural remedy to heal the wounds caused due to piles and inflammation. The numerous benefits derived from the cream are listed below:

  • Instant relief from pain
  • Provides comfort to the itching, pain, and burning sensation caused due to the disorder
  • Soothes the pricking pain easily
  • Ceases bleeding
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Lowers Odema and promotes healing
  • Heals anal wounds
  • Completely natural and an ayurvedic product


  • Apply the cream within and around the swollen anal ring due to piles
  • Apply on fissure cracks and bleeding wounds of the anal ring
Manufacturer: Dhanwantri, Heart Line, First floor, Plot No.24, Behind Sanjeevan ICU, Sadar bazar, satara - 415002