Ayurvedic Medicine for Drug Addiction

Most Ayurveda experts consider the imbalance in pitta as the root cause of addiction. Unless the doshas are corrected, there will be problems occurring from time to time, leading to relapses even if people are free from drugs to some extent. In this regards, ayurvedic medicine for drug addiction usually propagates holistic therapy. So, one can find medicinal ingredients along with a few other processes, when such therapies are considered. Balancing the doshas is important and this can be done effectively by bringing the body and mind into harmony. Some proponents also aim at changing the personality and behavior of the patients. There is a lot of emphasis on the diet also. Bringing the nervous system into a streamlined mode is essential and this can be done by varied approaches, apart from having medicines.

  • Various ways in which de-addiction can be attained with Ayurveda

Panchakarma treatment is considered to be an important aspect of the de-addiction procedure. It can involve intestinal irrigation, nasal irrigation, and oral elimination. Herbal ingredients which can be Brahmi acting as a nerve tonic, ashwagandha working for immune system and stress and Guggulu is a purifying herb for the body and blood. Apart from all these features, people can also get the right type of exercises and yoga to strengthen their body and mind, so that the addiction issues are gone. While many of these options are being practiced in centers, these can also be carried out at home by people.

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