Best Essential Oils Online

Essential oils are extensively used worldwide for aromatherapy and traditional medicines. Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from various parts of the plant. These oils are highly concentrated and thus carries the vital strength of the plant that posses it. To give you a perspective, a 15 ml rose oil is distilled from 65 pounds of rose petals. Because of these oils and say, natural compounds a flower or a plant maintains its softness, shines, and ability to high hard weather conditions and vitality. It not clearly known that when human kinds first started the use of essential oils but there is enough evidence to prove that Romans, Indians, Egyptians and Chinese civilizations have been using it for various ailments and threats uses. There are more than 90 essential oils, that have their proven health benefits. Some of the common ailments for which Essential oils therapy is used are as follows:

  • Cold and flu
  • Skin conditions
  • Stress and hypertension
  • Muscle soothing
  • Insomnia
  • Hormones balance
  • Pain management
  • Improve digestion
  • Memory recovery

Ayurspace is one such store for buying Essential Oils that not just offers 100% pure essential oils online but also provide information about their uses and health benefits. As essential oils can penetrate easily through skin, they offer quick results. Furthermore, the usage pattern, benefits and properties of each essential oil is different, some of them can be mixed together, some are water soluble and some are not. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor before practising them for cures. Essential oils are highly concentrated so few drops of oils should be enough and if possible use carrier oils like coconut oil, almond oil etc to make them easily spreadable and absorbable.

Where can I buy essential oils?

Essential oils can be bought be from local stores and chemist shops. Nowadays there are many brands that offer all sizes of essential oils bottle. But what is critical is that you should buy 100% pure and natural oils only. We at Ayurspace offers the best quality essential oils sourced from the origin of the plants natural habitat. These oils are prepared by traditional methods like distillation or cold press.

Essential Oil Remedies.

There are many household recopies that are good essential oils remedies. For dry skin and feet, one can take 100gn of coconut oil mixed with 20 drops of lavender oil and mix it well. Apply it overnight and massage. Skin will get moisturized and you will also get a good sleep.

Similarly, sea salt can be mixed with olive oil, few drops of peppermint, tea tree and lavender as a mild exfoliator for skin and feet’s.  To cure joints pain and muscle pain, mix few drops of wintergreen oil in coconut oil and apply thrice a day. You will feel a significant reduction in pain.

Thus, essential oil remedies are quick and safe methods for ailments. As a word of caution, do avoid any usage of oral consumption of essential oils without consulting a doctor.