Ayurevdic Medicines for Excessive Menses

Excessive menses are prolonged (last longer than usual) or heavy menstrual periods. These excessive menses are commonly known as menorrhagia and is among one of the most common types of abnormal or unusual bleeding from uterus. This excessive menses or heavy menstrual periods are called heavy in case the bleeding from uterus exceeds a certain limit in order to soak a pad each hour and continues for several hours. Excessive menses fall under the category of unusual or abnormal uterus bleeding and may be caused by certain abnormalities in the structure of reproductive tract of the female. Such heavy menses can even interrupt daily activities and sleep and as there is a heavy loss of blood hence these can also lead to anemia, a disease which causes fatigue or breathe shortening.

What are the causes of Excessive menses?

Excessive menses may be caused by:

  • Imbalance in hormones of body, specifically estrogen and progesterone which is common at the age of adolescents when periods begin to happen and the adult women who come near to their menopause.
  • It may be cause due to improper functioning of ovaries.
  • Miscarriage may also be among one of the causes of excessive menses.
  • PID infection or pelvic inflammatory disease may also be another cause.
  • Other causes include disorders in liver kidney, thyroid disease end even platelet disorder which cause the stoppage of blood.
  • Fibroids in the wall of woman’s uterus also cause menstrual loss.


What are the symptoms of excessive menses?

Symptoms of excessive menses involve heavy loss of blood and may discharge of heavy blood clots, other symptoms may include:


  • Heavy bleeding in night that requires disturbance in sleeping in order to change pads or tampons.
  • Excessive menses can lead to anemia which also results in fatigue, breath shortening irritation and weakness or tiredness.
  • Requires double sanitary protection in order to control menstrual flow.
  • Bleeding between periods or irregular vaginal bleeding
  • Heavy bleeding in excessive menses passes large blood clots during menstruation.
  • These sorts of periods may last longer than seven days and restricts daily activities due to excessive bleeding.

How can ayurveda help in excessive menses?

Ayurveda since ancient times have been acclaiming treatment for various diseases and syndromes. In ayurveda terms, excessive menses is known as rakta pradara. Ayurveda treatments are ascertained after lab investigations and examinations and thus are very useful. There are many medicines of ayurveda prescription made from natural herbs which have no side effects and treat the problem genuinely. The excessive menses are accompanied by fatigue, weakness or tiredness, tumors in uterus, stress and even anxiety. Impressively ayurveda has treatment for all above stated problems.

Ayurvedic Herbal products for fistula in ano:

Various companies like zandu, patanjali, dabur, Himalaya, etc have developed and are manufacturing medicines using natural herbs in order to cure excessive menses. Some of the medicines include pasule for female heath support, naari kalian churan, bol parpati, chandanadi churan, etc which are taken in specified amount and slowly treats the disease.




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