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Maharishi Raktada - Iron Capsules-60 tabs

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In recent times both commoners and users have started appreciating the amazing healing powers of Ayurveda. Accordingly, the popularity of Ayurvedic medicines and supplements are consistently on the rise. One such product is Raktada for iron management in the anatomy.

Use of Raktada

Raktada is a 100% Ayurvedic product used to manage iron contents in blood and physique. A man or woman can experience iron deficiencies due to erratic lifestyle, workloads, stress, anxieties and depression, poor diet, and a host of other reasons. Deficiencies in hemoglobin levels can result in weakness and various health problems. Raktada brings back the balance in iron levels and helps to maintain a healthy life balance. In addition to boosting iron levels naturally, it can boost energy and restore the skin and hair health as well.


What is Raktada

Raktada is an Ayurvedic supplement that helps maintain iron balance in physique working from within. Medical science has recognized the importance of iron balancing in recent times but Ayurveda discovered it thousands of years ago. Since the masters of Ayurveda recognized the problems of using metallic iron and their adverse side-effects, they researched and developed the use of iron bhasma or powder in supplements and medicines to treat iron-related problems in the anatomy of human beings. Raktada is the outcome of such prolonged research and studies and contains iron bhasma for better effects.


Key Benefits of Raktada

Some of the major benefits of using Raktada are as follows.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

  • Raktada contains iron bhasma or dust in micro-particles and they help in natural absorption of iron from the diet;
  • It helps in iron absorption without any side effects;
  • Raktada is rich in vitamin C that helps in better iron absorption by human anatomy; and
  • It extends several health benefits being rich in iron, calcium, various minerals, as well as natural herbs.

The main benefit of using Raktada is that it brings back balance and harmony in the anatomic system.


Ingredients of Raktada

Raktada contains two bhasmas namely; mandur bhasma and kant lauh bhasma. For ensuring complete calcification of the iron, they are processed several times. In result they become fully absorbable. Calcium in very soft form has been included in Raktada to avoid various side effects that are caused by calcium taken from the minerals. Like the bhasmas, calcium in the product is also processed several times to make them absorbable to avoid problems of calcification. Other ingredients used in Raktada are –

  • Rigorously purified Shudh Shilajit that is a rich source of micronutrients as well as minerals; and
  • Various herbs like guduchi, bela, amalaki, naag kesar, tez patra, khajur, launga, chhoti pippali, draksha, and dristi madhu that help the body to absorb iron, minerals, and calcium.


Doses of Raktada

The suggested dose of Raktada is 2 tablets twice a day with milk or water or as suggested by the doctor.


Side Effects of Raktada

Raktada is a natural product and catalyst for iron absorption in the body. It has no adverse side effects.


Raktada Packaging

Raktada comes in the pack of 60 tablets.


Raktada is thus a very balanced combination of calcinated iron and processed minerals, herbs and micro-nutrients that expedites iron absorption from normal diet.





Manufacturer: Maharishi Ayurveda, Plot 17 And 18, SynapseIndia Rd, 201305, Bhangel Rd, Noida Special Economy Zone, Sector - 106, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304