Ayurveda Herbs

Herbal powders are made from raw dried herbs milled into a fine powder.  These powders can be consumed in various ways to improve digestion, skin care and many other ailments. These herbal powders are 100% natural and enrich in individual properties. Each powder has its own benefits and uses. At times, a mix of powders is also used to give best results. A common example is Triphala powder. It is of three single herbs powders, amla, baheda and hartiki. It is considered to be the best digestion tonic. Similarly, other herbs like neem powder, ashwagandha powder, Shatavari powder and others have many therapeutic benefits.

To save the essence of these powder, keep them airtight containers. It will also keep them safe from bacteria and fungus. One can also grind dry herbs at home, but you may not get a very fine powder. As per Ayurveda, a fine powder is much easily digestible versus coarse powder. Since ancient times, Indian peninsula has been using these powders in various forms and ways to improve daily lifestyle and chronic illness.

At Ayurspace, we provide 100% natural herbal products in various packaging. Our prices and quality are the best in the market. Herbal powders are used in many ayurvedic home remedies and even in cooking in Indian homes. If you prefer the natural and Ayurvedic style of living, it is advisable to incorporate the usage of some of the common herbs in your life. Few examples of herbal health care medicines are:

  • Basil/Tulsi powder: cures flu and cold symptoms
  • Turmeric powder: It is antiseptic and contains anti-oxidants.
  • Ginger powder: Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Shikakai powder– A good hair care cleanser.
  • Shilajeet powder – Increase vitality

How to consume herbal powder?

There are some common methods to consume Ayurvedic herbal healthcare powders.

  1. Direct form: One can take a spoon full or as much quantity directed by the physician orally with some water, milk or honey.
  2. Smoothie: Mix and blend the powder with milk or mix of vegetable juices or fruit juices.
  3. As capsules: Take as directed by physician with water
  4. Herbal Tea – Many herbal powders can be infused with tea and thus offers a relaxing drink to consume.

While in India, many of the uses and benefits of powders are well known but it is always advisable to consult your doctor before consuming.

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